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Anglo-American University, Prague

Anglo-American University's educational, research, advisory and other academic duties are rooted in a deep respect for academic freedom and its observation and promotion as we consider it to be one of our major values.

Bachelor's programmes

Social Sciences (5)
Business & Management (3)
Humanities (2)
Arts, Design & Architecture (1)
Journalism & Media (1)
Law (1)



About Anglo-American University

Founded in Prague in 1990, AAU is the oldest private university in the Czech Republic. Combining the best of American and British academic traditions, we pride ourselves on the innovative quality of our teaching, which offers a personalized, discourse-lead education in the English language to students drawn from over 60 countries across the world.


AAU aspires to be a leading university in the Czech Republic recognized for innovation and quality in teaching and learning with a commitment to societal excellence in a globalized world.

Freedom of speech, learning and teaching, freedom of thought and research, and a right to express or to challenge one's opinion represent the fundamental components of AAU's academic freedom for faculty, staff and students. The academic, ethical and moral responsibility of AAU educators and researchers towards students, AAU's academic community, and AAU as an institution represent an integral part of the concept and conduct of academic freedom at Anglo-American University.


Anglo-American University is a teaching institution that values faculty research as an integral part of teaching and academic advancement of the University.  Research  has   an important and irreplaceable position within its concepts and structure and is a key objective and necessary condition for successful development of AAU. 


An internship can be the launching pad of your future career, especially if it’s with a leading organization under the right person. At AAU we offer a wide range of highly sought after internships for you to choose from and make sure you’ll get maximum exposure to the professionals working there in order for you to learn from them. Whether you’re interning as a way to explore which career suits you best or to gain the relevant experience that will make you an in-demand candidate on the job market, AAU will help you find the placement that’s right for you.


Student services

The Student Services Center offers new and prospective students the information and assistance required for all types of registration. The Admissions, Registration, and Payments Specialists can all be found in this office.

Housing services

What our students typically do is find accommodation with a recommended dormitory or rental agency for their first semester and then rent an apartment with their schoolmates for the remaining time of their studies. The cost of rent varies throughout the city and also depends on how many flatmates you have and your preferred living standards. If you’re not sure which option is the best for you, the staff in our Student Services Center will be happy to help you out and perhaps connect you with fellow students in search of housing.

Library services

The AAU Library houses the largest English-language book collection of any private university in Prague. It also subscribes to a variety of periodicals and newspapers.The library predominantly specializes in areas studied at AAU: Business Administration, Humanities and Social Sciences, International Relations and Diplomacy, and Law.

Medical services

Students with Czech health insurance must announce the beginning, interruption and the end of their studies at AAU to their respective insurance company. In order to do so, a confirmation of studies is needed and can be obtained at the Student Services Center. 

Student Life

Campus life

AAU's campus is located in Prague's beautiful Malá Strana district inside the newly restored baroque Thurn-Taxis Palace, where the historical meets the modern. Between the student cafe, the courtyard and the view of Prague Castle from the front door AAU's campus has a truly cosmopolitan and historical atmosphere.  The neighboring city park of Vojanovy Sady – founded in the 13th Century and one of the oldest green spaces in Prague and is a favorite haunt of students as well as the small population of peacocks who live there.

Student clubs

Whatever you're into, there's a club for you!

  • Basketball Club
  • Business Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Etc.


WSCUC Accreditation

AAU is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC), one of six official regional accrediting associations in the United States.

WSCUC accredits nearly 200 universities, including the prestigious: University of California Berkeley, Stanford University, the California Institute of Technology, the University of California Los Angeles, the University of Southern California.

WSCUC also accredited twelve select foreign universities, including AAU – the only university in Europe to receive this prestigious accreditation. Our graduates receive an university degree recognized worldwide as meeting the same strict academic standards as these top universities in the US.

Student Reviews

Ideal Experience, But Changes Are Happening
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

The combination of just the right class sizes (10-25 students), mostly great, open-minded and intelligent professors, a beautiful campus (with access to a beautiful garden), opportunities for a scholarship, the variety of subjects on offer, and the ability to choose your own schedule by choosing when you want to take which classes (except for a few you can't take w/o...

the great prague
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

great atmosphere and engaging lecturers

Study at the heart of Europe
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

AAU is an ideal fit for students who seek to study in an affordable environment at the heart of beautiful Prague, while still following the Anglo-American education system. The small classes will provide you with an opportunity to engage with international students and professors from all around the world, including but not limited to the USA, UK, Australia, and Turkey. I...

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