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NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

By expanding your boundaries, there is no telling what you might accomplish. That is why we challenge our students, staff and partners every day to discover and develop their talents, as part of a journey that transcends the limits of their own professional field and immediate environment. 

Top reasons to study here

  • Our courses incorporate all the latest trends and developments in the relevant sectors and industries, both at a national as well as an international level.
  • That is the strength of NHL Stenden: in a rapidly changing world, our people make the impossible possible.
  • Our students, lecturers and researchers work together in small teams on real-life assignments and share their innovative ideas in practice.



It happens, because we make it happen; that is what we believe. We strive to make the impossible possible by looking beyond the borders of our own professional fields. We encourage our students and staff every day to come up with innovative solutions to practical issues. We do this by collaborating with industry professionals. Students, lecturers, researchers, and industry professionals come together in workshops. This way, we prepare our students to become enterprising and resourceful professionals, who look beyond their own professional field with an interdisciplinary approach. 


Research and education are intertwined at NHL Stenden. Our university of applied sciences has 44 professorships of applied sciences. These are divided among our three focus areas: Vital Regions, Smart Sustainable Industries, and Service Economy. Together with local and international partners, we build and expand our expertise by employing practice-based research. 

Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2021

GSSA 2021

The Global Student Satisfaction Awards empower students across the globe to determine the best universities of 2021. Universities with a score above 4.0 (out of 5) in any of the 8 award categories, receive Badges of Excellence. Congratulations!

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Housing services

In the Netherlands, it is common for students to rent a room in a shared house or apartment with other students. There are also options to rent a one-bedroom or studio apartment. Student accommodation is usually provided by real estate agents or private landlords who advertise their rooms on different platforms.   

Library services

In our Libraries you can use various facilities such as computers, printers and smart boards. Scanning and copying is also possible. In addition, each Library has workplaces where you can study or work with your own laptop.

Medical services

The Dutch healthcare system is a universal, multi-payer system. This means healthcare is funded through a combination of public and private contributions.

Student Life

Campus life

  • Leeuwarden, the Netherlands 
  • Emmen, the Netherlands
  • Meppel, the Netherlands
  • Groningen, the Netherlands
  • Terschelling, the Netherlands
  • Qatar
  • Bali
  • Thailand
  • South Africa

Student Reviews

Proceed with caution (or just don't apply)
Anonymous rated 2 out of 5 stars

My experience with this course and this uni has been bad. 1) They don't really teach you. Yes, i know this is an HBO, but come on. As an example, for SPSS, they ask you to watch tutorial videos on it, but then they don't explain why you should do this and that in SPSS. Not everyone is accustomed with that program but they expect everyone to be good in short amount of...

Anonymous rated 1 out of 5 stars

This school is a tragedy. One of the teachers asked my if my country is in the EU. They think they are very good, but they will constantly make you miserable in this school. The cultural barrier between Dutch and international will be never forgotten, Dutch students (and teachers) will always treat you less as a person and as a student than the ones who were born in The...

Best way to learn
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great learning environment with lots of opportunities

Leeuwarden, Friesland, Netherlands

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