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TED University (TEDU) is a young, dynamic university, located in the heart of Ankara. It was founded in 2012 by the Turkish Education Association (TED), which has been pioneering the development of education in Turkey since 1928. With an emphasis on liberal arts education, TEDU aims to foster graduates, who are creative, critical-minded, self-confident and well-rounded. 



The torch of the Turkish Education Association was lit by Atatürk, our great leader and the first President of the Turkish Republic and it has been blazing since 1928. After 84 years, TED University was established in 2012 by the Turkish Education Association (TED), to make difference on the Turkish Higher Education.


TED University adopts a liberal approach in education with the principle of prioritizing the human. Our priority is to assist our students in growing into individuals who are capable of coping with the difficulties and novelties of today’s rapidly transforming world, who take pleasure in learning and are open minded, ethical and profound. Our students graduate from TEDU equipped with a high level of professional know-how. The University consists of five faculties: Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences; Education and Engineering.


For a university, research, discovery, the quest for reality and truth are as crucial as education itself. TED University is acutely aware of this responsibility, and together with all its stakeholders, commits to creating a liberal, peaceful and intellectual environment where students and faculty members can conduct productive and effective research. TED University provides its students the opportunity to discover about themselves and life in the first years of their education, and offers them the facilities to develop scientific and artistic experiences. TEDU cultivates global citizens who can comfortably and effectively express themselves both in Turkish and English.


TEDU Career Center is established in an aim to assist our students in familiarizing themselves with, and in being in contact with the business environments before graduation and easily adapting to the professional life upon graduation. Our goal is, to assist the students by providing them information and leadership in selecting a career and/or knowledge that would direct them to the correct career path. We will help them in making career plans and consciously selecting higher education opportunities that come along, by taking their personal talents, abilities and interests into consideration.

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Student services

Starting from the time our university admitted its first students, a decision was made to form a TED University Student Council to allow students to directly share their wishes, complaints and views with the administrative organs of the university, and thus a founding council was formed with volunteer students. As a result of the meetings between the Registrar’s Office and our students, a draft Student Council Directive was prepared in accordance with the needs of our university.

Housing services

TED University provides modern accommodation opportunities to all students. Students can fulfill their needs at the Gülseren Student Dorm for Girls with 93 bed capacity and Mustafa Kemal Student Dorm with 392 bed capacity. For all students, breakfast&dinner included to the dorm fees, and each room have their own bathroom. Study hall, rest and social activities places, helps our students to live their university life fully.

Library services

The TEDU Ayse Ilicak Library, covering an area of 1500 m2, consists of 200 student-desks, 40 search terminals and a periodical section occupying a 52 m2 area. The Library is a place where students experience the culture of learning and research first-hand and can easily access the most up-to-date and accurate information available in both print and online formats. 

ICT services

There is free Wi-Fi all around the campus. We have an IT center which helps students about their computer or internet based problems.

Medical services

In case of any health problems, the students can benefit from the Health Care Center located at the campus and receive examination and first-aid service free of charge. In urgent cases the immediate treatment is done at the health care center and if needed transfer to the hospital is provided.

Student Life

Campus life

TEDU campus is located in the heart of the city; equidistant to every neighborhood of Ankara and next to the arterial public transportation. TEDU offers a serene and comfortable education environment with a specially designed architecture that motivates students in every aspect. Equipped with the highest technological infrastructure, TEDU assures students with the most efficient and effective technology. TEDU facilitates cultural activities in the student centers located at the campus and realizes a chain of activities like club activities, concerts, theatre performances, films and exhibitions.

Sports facilities

TEDU students can use the semi-olympic swimming pool, basketball field, and the fitness center located at the campus during the week and the weekends without any restrictions. Our facilities also hold a number of social and sportive activities organized by the student clubs and societies.

Student clubs

TEDU students can either become active members of these societies or apply to form new societies which they believe would be useful in certain areas. Student societies are:

  • Architecture And Design Society
  • Ataturkist Thought Society
  • Cinema Society
  • Culture & Arts Society
  • E-Sport Society
  • EduAction Society
  • Entrepreneurship And Innovation Society
  • Human And Society Studies
  • International Students Society
  • Kaizen Society
  • Logos Society
  • MUN (Model United Nations) Topluluğu
  • Music Society
  • Need Based Map Society
  • Outdoor Sports Society
  • Photography Society
  • Platform Of Politics
  • Science And Technology Society
  • Theatre Society


All programs at TED University are accredited by Higher Education Council of Turkey, in respect to that, all programs are recognized globally. In addition to global recognition, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Jordan accredited all programs at TEDU. 

Student Reviews

Get Excited to attend TED university Ankara Turkey
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have not attended the University yet, from what I have read in their website, I can tell it provides a scientific learning and social environment. Am yet to verify it myself

I am someone who wants to study abroad since I was very young. And I believe that this will add a lot of experience to me, I want to complete my interest and curiosity in psychology with a high language.
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

my university gave me many experiences to me about psychology education and i believe i will graduate very equipped

You will have less energy for your own major
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

The university has unnecessary rules on completing too many courses outside of your field of study. This does, of course, provide general knowledge but should be left to the student to decide at a higher education institute.

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