The University of Bologna prides itself as the oldest academic establishment in the Western world, founded in 1088AD by its own students. In 1988 the rectors of 430 universities from all over the continent gathered in Bologna to sign the ‘Magna Charta Universitatum Europaeum’, by which they marked the 900th anniversary of the University of Bologna and formally acknowledged it as the alma mater of all universities.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • You can choose from over 200 degree programmes, including 58 international programmes and 33 delivered in the English language.
  • An experience studying or working abroad is the best way to understand the world and pay new ways for your future.
  • The University of Bologna has dedicated services helping young graduates to enter the business world.



The establishment that we call University today began to evolve in Bologna in the late 11th century, when masters of grammar, rhetoric and logic began to devote themselves to law. 1088 is considered the date in which free teaching began in Bologna, independently from the ecclesiastic schools.


You can choose from over 200 degree programmes, including 58 international programmes and 33 delivered in the English language. You can study in Bologna or one of the other campuses in Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini. And after graduation? There are lots of opportunities to specialise and come into contact with the world of work.


For the Alma Mater, research is a central pillar and a fundamental lever for competition and employment, as demonstrated by its widespread commitment to a range of initiatives and activities. Within Europe, the University of Bologna stands out for the wealth of skills and its systematic policies of services supporting researchers and their achievement of important goals. Here below is a list of some of the projects and initiatives involving the University of Bologna.

  • Research Projects - Horizon 2020
  • Unibo Projects under 7th Framework Programme
  • Tecnopoli Project
  • Unibo Projects - Other International Programmes
  • Unibo research funded by Telethon


Internships and Job Placement

  • Curricular internships
  • (Non-curricular) training and guidance internships
  • Internship Abroad
  • Post-graduate guidance
  • Job Placement

Bachelor's programmes

Business & Management (3)
Social Sciences (3)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)


Student services

Study grants and subsidies

  • Scholarships, aid and benefits for students
  • UniCredit ad Honorem loan
  • Call for applications and ranking lists for student collaboration - 150 hours
  • Paid tutoring activities
  • Housing and residences
  • Lease Contract Registration Desk
  • University canteens, places to eat and discounted catering services in Bologna
  • Tax Code desk for students and international teaching staff
Please check Study grants for international students (Unibo Action 2):

Housing services

University halls of residence, information services and and accommodation options for students coming from abroad.

Library services

  • University Libraries: Information on the university and local libraries, contacts, phone numbers, opening hours and available services.
  • Bologna University Library: is the University's central library, offering general library services, conservation and historical and scientific research facilities.

Medical services

Health and Assistance

  • Medical Assistance
  • The Psychological Support Service (SAP)
  • Insurance for students

Student Life

Campus life

The University of Bologna has a Multicampus structure, ensuring the opportunity to learn and promoting stable research activities throughout the region, aiming to improve the operations and quality of life for the university community.

  • Cesena Campus
  • Forlì Campus
  • Ravenna Campus
  • Rimini Campus
  • Representación en la República Argentina

Sports facilities

Centers and systems:

  • School Field Baumann - Athletics Track (Bologna)
  • Dario Lucchini Sports Center (Bologna)
  • UniOne Gym
  • Gymcus Gym (Bologna)
  • University Sports Facilities "Bertini" (Bologna)
  • University Sports Facilities Embankment - Pala CUS (Bologna)
  • Sports Facility Precious (Ozzano Emilia)
  • Gym 23 Stadium C. Longo (Bologna)

Student clubs

Exhibitions, concerts, Master lessons, conferences, art, music, cinema, dance and theatre shows, poetic initiatives and popular science: Alma Mater Studiorum presents to all the students useful links to live the city at its best.

Other Degrees

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