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Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Marion, Massachusetts, United States
Massachusetts Maritime Academy is your college for: Emergency Management, Energy Systems Engineering, Facilities Engineering, International Maritime Business, Marine Engineering, Marine Transportation, and Marine Safety & Environmental Protection. We also offer graduate programs in Emergency Management and Facilities Management. 

Bachelor's programmes

Business & Management (2)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (1)
Social Sciences (1)



The Band, Honor Guard and Chorus was one of the first organized cadet groups on campus followed by the Drill Team, even predating Athletics at the Academy. The Honor Guard served in the Academy's observances of morning colors prior to the band addition in May of 1945. The Band, Honor Guard and Drill Team functioned as three separate units until March of 2007 when 7th Company was established. 


The mission of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy is to provide a quality education for graduates serving in the merchant marine, the military services, and those who serve the interests of the Commonwealth, Nation and global marketplace. The Academy does so by combining a rigorous academic program with a regimented lifestyle that instills honor, responsibility, discipline, and leadership.


The mission of the Career and Professional Services Department is to provide a coordinated continuum of services to students with assistance in professional and career development, including regulatory and licensing inquiries. 

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GSSA 2019

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Student services

The mission of the Academic Resource Center is to improve student success by providing academic resources and support services to the campus community, addressing individual and institutional needs through collaborative, student-centered programming designed to foster academic and personal achievement.

Housing services

Pretty much everyone is aware that Massachusetts Maritime Academy is a fast rising star in the college popularity arena. In a campus surrounded by salt water and neighborhoods, it is sometimes tricky to find a place to house a growing student body.

The housing issue is compounded by the need to send the training ship, usually home to up to 50 seniors, out for maintenance and dry dock on a regular basis and the possibility of the USTS Kennedy being federally activated during a time of national crisis.  Happily, Academy personnel are on their toes and prepared for such contingencies.  The Kennedy was called into service after hurricane Irma in September.

Library services

We have full-text access to an extensive collection of scholarly, journal article databases. Ask a librarian for helpwith the right databases for your subject.

Medical services

Our MissionTo support MMA cadets with timely and high quality health care.  We provide direct medical care, health education and the promotion of well being.  Students are encouraged to engage in their own health and wellness as part of their personal and academic growth.

Student Life

Sports facilities

Boating Clubs 

  • Offshore Sailing
  • Sport Fishing
  • Cruising Club

Student clubs

tudents at the Academy are offered a wide variety of extracurricular activities, some of which are listed below. Many of the clubs on campus are organized by cadet special-interest groups and obtain their charters through the Student Government Association.


  • Climbing Club 
  • Basketball Club 
  • Brazilian Jiu Jit Su Club 
  • Automotive Club 
  • Golf Club 
  • Weekend Warriors 


  • Special Mission Report
  • MMA Special Mission Renewal Plan & Addendum
  • USCG/MARAD Letter of Approval

Marion, Massachusetts, United States

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