What is a Bachelor in International Relations?

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International Relations is a subdiscipline in the field of Social Sciences. It connects to numerous other subjects, including Politics, History, Linguistics, Economics, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Business, and Law. People involved in International Relations analyse global problems, such as poverty, human rights, ethics, and try to find solutions based on interdisciplinary research.

During courses, International Relations students are taught about the effects of globalisation and global policies. They also discover how political systems interact and what their impact is worldwide. It’s no accident that several international diplomats, ambassadors, and presidents studied a university degree in International Relations.

You’ll also learn how national interests influence decisions related to international affairs. This is tightly related to the relationships between international companies and governments. Other skills you’ll develop are communication, negotiation, research and problem-solving. These will come in handy if you become a diplomat, and you’ll have to reach a beneficial agreement between nations.

Also, you’ll be paving the way for a future career in International Politics, International Business, International Diplomacy, or International Law.

Students who graduate from a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme in International Relations find jobs as a: diplomatic service officer, intelligence analyst, policy officer, public affairs consultant and others.

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