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Gender & Sexuality Studies


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Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies give you the insights and knowledge to educate the world against prejudice (new or old), and pretty much win every argument against obnoxious creeps. As a subdiscipline of Social Sciences, Gender & Sexuality Studies teaches you the historic, social, and cultural views of gender representation.

Why is femininity associated with soft words and shy glances? Why are men expected to be strong and powerful, always aspiring to become a CEO or a president? By studying Gender & Sexuality, you will learn how to challenge old concepts and invest in new ones, modernising mentalities and approaches. Graduates can be expected to find work in various fields, all ranging from:

• Teaching
• Health and Welfare
• Political or Public Policy-Making
• Media Writing and Advertising
• Management of Private and Public Enterprises

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Suggested Bachelors in Gender & Sexuality Studies

B.A. Psychology

With four undergraduate programs in Psychology, Maryville University offers students a strong foundation in the broad theoretical issues of contemporary psychology along with applied, practical experience. 

United States
Dual Degree Gender Studies and Laws

This on-campus 5-year full-time course is offered by the College of Arts and Law and is available at Hobart. The first year only is also offered at the Launceston and Cradle Coast campus. This course may be studied part-time.

Dual Degree Gender Studies and Information and Communication Technology

This combine degree gives students a specialisation in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) balanced by a broad understanding of the arts (humanities, languages or social sciences).This combined degree provides students with powerful communication and critical thinking skills coupled with a strong technological base.