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Social Sciences is the field that focuses on helping and making people’s lives better and easier. One of its subdisciplines, Terrorism & Security, focuses on making the world safer for everyone. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Terrorism & Security cover subjects like the History of Terrorism, Cyber Security, Warfare in the 21st century, Aviation Terrorism and Security, Terrorist Ideologies, International Relations Theories and Practice.

The main difference between the various subdisciplines are with respect to the depth of information delivered. Graduates can choose from a wide range of careers. Some of these are:

• Security Analyst
• Correctional Treatment Specialist
• Intelligence Analyst

Also, the areas you can work in include foreign affairs and different departments of defence.

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Suggested Bachelors in Terrorism & Security

B.Sc. Security Studies

Security challenges such as terrorism and cybercrime rank among the most pressing issues of our time. In the Bachelor’s in Security Studies you study 21st century security challenges and learn to devise strategic solutions for a complex world. The Security Studies programme is a three-year BSc degree. It is a full-time programme.

Bachelor Cyber Security and Behaviour

Cyber security is as much about people as it is about technology. Cyber security and internet safety are crucial to economic and social welfare as the web becomes central to all aspects of contemporary life. The Cyber Security and Behaviour program is offered at Western Sydney University.  

B.Sc. Intelligence Analysis

The Bachelor of Science in Intelligence Analysis at the James Madison University was designed specifically for students who seek a career as an intelligence analyst (either in the U.S. government or the private sector).

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