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Econometrics is a part of the economics sciences discipline and deals with the analysis of mathematical and statistical data. It helps experts develop effective economic models, leading to problem solving, to test new theories and analyse data. Econometrics is based on quantitative analysis of various economic phenomena.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in econometrics teach students to add empirical content to the theories that allow them to be analysed and evaluated. Statistical theory contributes to development of econometric models and methods that help to solve economic questions. Data is usually collected through observations and is processed using standard statistical models. Regression analysis has an important role in econometrics and it contributes to problem solving as statistical technique. Find plenty of Masters and Bachelors in Econometrics at universities worldwide to find out how to best make use of these techniques and analytical tools.

Econometrics helps solve problems for business sectors, governments, consultancy companies, or non-profit organisations. Graduates of econometrics degrees can work in insurance companies, banks, marketing companies, governmental institutions, consultancy firms, and more.

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Suggested Bachelors in Econometrics

B.Sc. Econometrics and Operations Research

Do you have an analytical mind? Do you find it an exciting challenge to translate the abstraction of mathematics and statistics into solutions for real problems? Do you have a practical nature and would you like to put it to use to solve the big issues in society? If so, the bachelor's programme in Econometrics and Operations Research could be right for you. 

B.Sc. Econometrics and Operations Research

In the Bachelor’s program in Econometrics and Operations Research at Tilburg University, you will learn to create mathematical and statistical models in relation to the most challenging problems in economics and business. You will also learn how to use and apply these models to reach the most optimal solutions.

Bachelor Economics

Economics uses rigorous methods of analysis to study the individual decision making of consumers and businesses, the ability of markets to allocate resources, the impact of government policy, and various other social institutions. The Economics program is offered by Washington State University.

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