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Archaeology focuses on ancient and old cultures and civilizations and their social and cultural composition. All of this is done through research, excavations, analysis, interpreting and documenting the discovered evidence. Ancient civilizations expressed their cultural richness through more ways besides writing, challenging archaeology to find creative ways to complete their complex historical puzzle using innovative new means and creative solutions.

Students who enrol in a Master’s degree in archaeology cam specialize in one of the field’s main sub-disciplines: historical archaeology, ethno-archaeology and experimental archaeology. However, since a significant amount of evidence has been discovered, modern archaeology now is a processual discipline, that follows science and evidence that can be tested using modern technology.

Archaeology involves a lot of practice, so that students can quickly develop observation and analytical skills. A Master’s degree in archaeology places students on the employment market as archaeologists, heritage managers, museum education officers, museum/gallery curators or even as archivists or cartographers.

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Suggested Bachelors in Archaeology

B.Sc. Forensic Anthropology

An interactive course which gives students in depth knowledge of the human body and the skills necessary for the analysis and identification of human remains.The Forensic Anthropology programme is offered by the University of Dundee.

United Kingdom
B.A. Archaeology

The aim of the undergraduate program in the Department of Archaeology from Bilkent University is to provide a thorough and comprehensive understanding of archaeology, ancient history and art. The curriculum includes practical as well as academic work.

B.A. Archaeology

The undergraduate degree in archaeology focuses on the systematic study of the human past through its material remains, by means of the excavation, recovery, and interpretation of artifacts and other associated evidence.

United States