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European studies deal with a variety of topics related to the European Union, the European community and society, European integration and more. Programmes in European studies may either focus on various areas of interest that support the development and well-being of the EU community, especially related to social sciences and public administration, or they may take a more general approach, studying culture, history, economics, sociology, languages and others, on the European continent.

Some courses in European studies tackle contemporary problems like the context of the foundation of the European Union and the crystallization of European cultural heritage and identity. Curriculum topics include foreign policy and diplomacy, negotiation and mediation in international relations, culture and identity in a globalizing Europe, international law, European culture and civilisation.

Students develop their communication skills and gain a deep understanding of the European identity, civil society and the ongoing European unification process. Graduates will be able to identify and consider solutions to political and administrative issues in Europe.

European studies prepares future graduates for a variety of fields like: advocacy, education, government services, international relations, law, research and more.

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Suggested Bachelors in European Studies

Bachelor International Relations and European Politics

The study field of International Relations and European Politics (taught in English) at Masaryk University makes students familiar with basic issues of international relations and European studies with strong emphasis on international relations theory and theories of European integration.

Czech Republic
B.A. European Studies 3 years

We live in a globalised era that continues to create new challenges for Europe and its professionals. The European Studies 3 years programme offered by The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) will prepare you to meet these challenges head on. 

B.A. International Relations and European Studies

This International Relations and European Studies programme from University of Nicosia is intended to be an academic program, oriented at developing the intellectual skills of students to enable them to enter into a broad range of careers and enable them to continue with their education at the next level.