Discover the Hidden Gem of Malaysia: Taylor’s University

Usually, when international students think of going to study abroad, they tend to pick the most obvious locations, like Europe, the U.S., Canada, China, and so on.

Apply to Bachelors in Malaysia

But what if we told you we discovered a gem in Asia? A gem that puts Italian beaches and German infrastructure to shame, and that’s just boosting with young and new adventures?

I’m pretty sure the title gave away the surprise, but here it is: Taylor’s University, in Selangor, Malaysia!

1. What you can look forward to at Taylor’s University

Before you dismiss this option, know that Malaysia is the 9th most visited country in the world. So it’s not just international students that get to discover how wonderful this country is.

Well, as one of the best private universities in Malaysia, Taylor’s University knows how to take care of its students. From the CPSC (Counselling and Psychological Services Centre) to the TGC (Taylor’s Graduate Capabilities), the university knows and understands its students’ needs and growth process, and seeks to provide not only the best courses, but also something extra, like helping them with their creativity, teamwork, and leadership.

And, because they’re not done with their perks for students, Taylor’s also has a super cool transfer programme, the American Degree Transfer Programme, so that students that want to have a full international experience can cross borders and experience all the educational systems.

2. What Bachelor’s degrees can you pick from at Taylor’s University?

Taylor’s University has everything for everyone!

Taylor’s has over 50 Bachelor’s degrees you can choose from, with disciplines ranging from Business & Management and Hospitality, Leisure and Sport, to Humanities, Engineering and Technology, and Computer Science & IT.

But we tried to pick the most interesting ones, so, without further ado, check out these:

3. Living costs and tuition fees in Malaysia

Malaysia is super affordable for international students.

From dinner in a restaurant only costing you 10 EUR, to rent in the city centre with only 300 EUR/month, Malaysia is a great country for your study experience (and your student budget).

And, of course, beside the usual expenses, Taylor’s tuition fee comes at around 9.000 EUR/year. But this can vary depending on your degree, so research before you start spending!

So, now that you know what cool and wonderous things wait for you in Asia, why not take this leap and go study at this awesome university?

So, good luck and don’t forget to write!

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