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ISIK University, along with the kindergartens, elementary and primary schools of Nisantasi, Ayazaga, Erenköy and Ispartakule, has been added to the chain of education of the Feyziye Schools Foundation, and continues its educational mission with campuses on both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul - in Sile and Maslak respectively.

Top reasons to study here

  • Isik University is the first representative of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) in Turkey.
  • ISIK University strives to prepare students with the qualifications needed to take on the challenges of the 21st Century.
  • Isik University is a campus university located on the black seaside.

Bachelor's programmes

Social Sciences (4)
Arts, Design & Architecture (3)
Computer Science & IT (3)
Education & Training (1)
Humanities (1)



ISIK University, which was founded by the Feyziye Schools Foundation, an institution that is one of the oldest education foundations with a 130-year educational legacy, first opened its doors in 1996. The Feyziye Schools Foundation, an institution that was initially founded under the name of Feyz-i Sibyan School in 1885 in Thessaloniki and witnessed the period from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey, assumed the name “Isik Lisesi” with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s approval. “Isik Lisesi” carries the honor and dignity of uniting with Ataturk’s primary school Semsi Efendi Mektebi.


Isik University conducts all of its academic teaching and training activities at the Sile and Maslak campuses. On these two campuses there are five faculties, two graduate schools and the English Language preparatory school.


Research implies scientific activities performed to produce context-based, target-oriented discoveries and knowledge meeting the needs of the society at present time.The scholarly approach is to share discoveries, proofs, excerpts, and technical results with others by publishing them in journals and by presenting them at scientific conferences. Since Isik University was founded, its faculty has adopted the tradition of scientific publishing as a standard of academic life. Institutional processes and infrastructure have supported this tradition. Within all the scientific research conducted at Isik University, the aim is to produce results that will benefit society and humanity. Isik University has a solid reputation for its high caliber research and academic excellence, not only among foundation universities but also among all Turkish universities.

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Housing services

Isik University offers on-campus housing for all students. International students have the priority during dorm placement. Isik University offers a clean, secure, green and peaceful living environment with double and triple En Suite room alternatives at varying rates.

Student Life

Campus life

To answer today's demands, Isik University has established two campuses - in Sile and Maslak - set near the modern city life as well as in a natural environment on 490,000 square meters with modern infrastructure, classrooms, dormitories, libraries, social and athletic facilities, and an art gallery. The Faculty of Fine Arts, the Vocational Schools, the Center for Continuing Education, the Social Sciences Institute and the Applied Sciences Institute are located on the Maslak Campus; all other faculties and departments are found on the Sile Campus.

Student Reviews

A better study for a better life
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

Studying primary,secondary and high school taught me many things and studying for language advancement was one of the best ways to develop myself and now I’m studying for business and management but I think studying at a better university will help me at my education life.

Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

There are lots of social club in the school and its really good thing you are able to learn lots of dances lots of sports etc. but location is too long from istanbul and ıts bad but campus lıfe ıs really good.

Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

Such a good place to live. A Town that is not too long from the center and also there are a silent life and so much green space with fresh air.