HAMK education:

  • bachelorsandmastersdegrees
  • professional teacher education



  • Bioeconomy
  • Smart services
  • Professional excellence
  • Sheet metal centre


The second-cycle / Master's degree programmes offered at the universities of applied sciences aim at deepening the professional competence and expertise you will need in a job. The degrees can be completedwhile working and they are equal to other Finnish Master's degrees, and give the same qualifications as them.

Bachelor's programmes

Engineering & Technology (3)
Business & Management (2)


Student services

The central forms of HAMK international activities are:

  • student and trainee mobility
  • teacher and staff mobility
  • English-taught programmes and courses
  • internationalisation at home
  • multiculturism
  •  international education, research and development projects
  • global education business

Housing services

Student Accommodation in Evo

  • There are two dormitories at Evo for HAMK students, Saarela and Uusi-Saarela. Saarela is mainly reserved for people with dogs and Uusi-Saarela for others.
Accommodation, Forssa
  • The completely renovated Forssa student building is located on a pleasant site 1.5 kilometres from the town centre. All day-to-day services are available from a large shopping centre situated locally. The student building has good facilities, such as a sauna, washing room and a drying room.

Library services

HAMK Library helps you with all your information needs. We offer you access to high quality information sources and specialised information services.

ICT services

When you join as a student, you will receive a personal user ID, with which you can log in to HAMK computers and many different systems. We are in charge of the IT infrastructure and all of its services, including the functionality of equipment and systems, and we provide training in their use, as well as problem-solving advice.

Medical services

To support students' wellbeing, HAMK offers the services of a student wellbeing specialist, student counselling psychologist and coordinator of sport services. The need for support may include problems with studies, life crises, learning difficulties, relationship issues, economical problems, depression, stressing, intoxicants, eating, sexual issues etc.

Student Life

Campus life

Finland is located in northern Europe. HAMK's campuses are in the south of Finland:

  • Evo
  • Forssa
  • Hmeenlinna
  • Lepaa
  • Mustiala
  • Riihimki
  • Valkeakoski

Sports facilities

HAMK takes care of the health, well-being and studying and working ability of the students by offering them different kinds of sports services in every campus.

Other Degrees

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