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We need Journalism & Media: from the latest gossip column, to the things that really matter, we need people who can look at a situation objectively and have a realisation moment; when they can declare “I seriously doubt that” and “Hold these leaders accountable to the truth!”.

On a basic level, Journalism & Media encompass the subdisciplines that focus on how the public gains access to information. Be it through Journalism, Media Management, Public Relations, Translation & Interpreting, the Bachelor’s or Master’s students of this subject must measure words and understand their impact perfectly.

Some of the specialisations in Journalism & Media include:

• Broadcast Journalism
• Digital Journalism
• Enterprise Journalism
• Political Journalism (this sounds fun, in today’s day and age)
• Journalism Design and Graphics
• Science and Environmental Journalism
• Public Relations and Advertising

Programmes deliver essential skills for working in media organisations, such as excellent written and spoken communication skills, critical thinking, an ethical and responsible attitude.

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Suggested Bachelors in Journalism & Media

Bachelor Media and Communication: Media Studies Major

Kick-start your career in the fast-paced world of media and communications with a Media and Communication: Media Studies Major from Swinburne Online. This media studies degree will see you become a skilled media professional. You will learn how to write for print, broadcast and digital media, create engaging cross-platform content, and produce digital media projects. 

B.A. Creative Writing

The birthplace of Charles Dickens and home to famous literary figures like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling and H.G. Wells, Portsmouth is the perfect choice for a Creative Writing student. With a seaside backdrop, the buzz of a city and the excitement of university life all around, you'll write sonnets and film scripts, fairy tales and one-act plays, travel articles and Sci-Fi stories.

United Kingdom
B.A. Journalism

From learning how to webcast, produce apps, layout magazine spreads and video reporting, right through to the all-important skills of uncovering and writing breaking stories to deadline, we will equip you for today’s 24-hour rolling news culture.

United Kingdom
B.A. Journalism with Media Studies

A combination that is ideal if you want to become a knowledgeable media practitioner, this course lets you study various forms of media, old and new, as you train in the skills that journalists use to communicate through these media.We aim to help you become an ethical and reflective journalist, with experience of the journalistic workplace and significant knowledge of another subject.

United Kingdom

How Journalism & Media Subject Ranking Lists Are Created

Curious about which universities offer the best Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Journalism and Media? Take a look at the university rankings listing the best universities where you can study Journalism & Media, according to World University Rankings by Subject from Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings by Subject from TopUniversities, and ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects.

In these tops you will typically find the best universities for Journalism and Media under the headline Communication and Media studies.

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