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Journalism is the practice of gathering information about events, issues and trends and distributing them as news to large audiences. The information is delivered through various mass-media including print, broadcast and the online environment. Journalism involves aspects from communication sciences, media studies, humanities and social sciences. It also deals with many ethical and deontological challenges in the every-day practice.

Journalists act as mediators between various sources of information and a target audience. They investigate facts, assess the collected information and distribute it through newspapers, magazines, television and blogs, as well as social and mobile media. Journalists need to have a good knowledge of mass communication methods and technical devices, a broad understating of social and economic contexts and objective criteria for disseminating information.

As universities offer various concentrations in journalism, students can choose tracks in broadcasting, news reporting and writing, journalism design and graphics, photojournalism, science and environmental journalism, and many more. Courses have a high vocational component, therefore they focus less on theoretical lectures and more on the development of professional skills through field practice and studio work.

Specialisations for graduates include investigative journalism, tabloid, broadcast, advocacy journalism, or editorial.

Example careers in journalism include: reporter, technical writer, publisher, content producer, news presenter, freelancers, media managers and book editors.

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Suggested Bachelors in Journalism

B.A. Communication (Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations)

The innovative Communication (Multimedia Journalism and Public Relations) major from Park University integrates writing, reporting, editing, digital media production and public relations skills. We emphasize ethics as well as cross-platform flexibility for a degree that is as versatile as it is relevant in our dynamic world.

United States
B.A. Journalism

Whatever your passion, you will find plenty of room to explore your interests and support your professional goals in the Journalism programme delivered by Saint Peter's University.

United States
Bachelor Media

The Bachelor of Media at University of Tasmania is a progressive, internationally recognised degree that prepares you for a career in the creative, media and information industries.


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