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Translation and interpreting involves converting the meaning of written or spoken content from one language to another. While translation deals with written materials, interpreting refers to oral translation or through sign language. Professionals in the field have advanced knowledge of the languages used, but they also need to understand properly the subject matter of the translation.

Translators work with various documents including literary texts, web copy, reports, legal papers, instructional guides, brochures and more. Interpreters facilitate communication in different contexts such as international conferences and events, business meetings, video seminars, or criminal justice proceedings.

Interpreting and translation relates to disciplines such as language studies, linguistics, comparative literature and cultural studies. Professionals often have to work with other diverse areas, depending on the subject area of the material they are required to translate or interpret.

Universities usually offer a study programmes focusing on one central language paired with English. There are also various specialisations within the field including literary translation, conference and community interpreting, intercultural service in healthcare, multilingual organisational communication or interpreting and translation for international business.

Example roles for future translators and interpreters include editors and proof-writers, language analysts, and also translators and interpreters in specific fields such as business, law, medicine or public services.

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Suggested Bachelors in Translation & Interpreting

B.A. English Language and Translation

The English Language and Translation degree program at the Canadian University of Dubai provides students with a comprehensive background in translation and will allow students to be prepared for their career through training that emphasizes job-related skills.

United Arab Emirates
Bachelor Translation and Interpreting

The aim of the Translation and Interpreting programme from Istanbul Aydin University is to train translators and interpreters using modern education techniques in line with current scientific methodologies and approaches in the field.

B.A. Deaf Studies and Social Policy (Hons)

During this Deaf Studies and Social Policy at University of Wolverhampton students will be able to identify and understand the challenges faced in society when trying to adopt an inclusive approach to all aspects of life within a diverse society.

United Kingdom

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