Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Achieve your full potential thanks to Saxion’s modern learning facilities
  • Interact with staff and students in an international learning environment
  • Saxion helps students build their international future



Saxion has a rich history, its roots can be traced back to 1875. A merger of two educational institutions in 1998 paved the way for Saxion in its present form. The merger enabled Saxion to build further on its strong position in Dutch higher education. Saxion has come to be recognised as an important centre of expertise at regional, national and international level.


Saxion offers a broad range of courses at various levels, including many international programmes. The quality of education at Saxion is monitored by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, as well as being accredited by several international bodies, assuring you that the programmes on offer are of a high standard.


As a university of applied sciences, Saxion conducts research into practical situations with the aim of helping organisations discover solutions to real-life challenges. By setting strict criteria for our research projects – they must be concrete, beneficial and innovative – we ensure we obtain new insights that can be used not only in organisations but also in our educational programmes.

Being in such close contact with the market ensures that the content of our programmes is always seamlessly aligned with the latest developments within the professional sector concerned. We have six Research Centres at Saxion, each centre with its own area of expertise.


If you would like to stay in the Netherlands after graduating, Saxion offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your work experience and professional skills and to broaden your chances on the Dutch and international job market through the Saxion Connect International Traineeship Programme.

Bachelor's programmes

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (4)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Medicine & Health (1)


Student services

Coming to the Netherlands from abroad can of course be a big step for many international students. If you are arriving from outside of the Netherlands, we aim to make the transition for you as smooth as possible, and we have therefore established a network of host families (Friends of Saxion International Students) who are on hand to help you settle into life in the Netherlands. We also have a Buddy programme, whereby current students can help guide you through your initial period of studying at Saxion.

Student Life

Campus life

Our campuses are fully equiped to make your stay at Saxion pleasant and challenging! All three campuses are equipped with computerrooms, library and restaurants. Wireless internet is available throughout the campus enabling you to bring your laptop and work, study, search and check your email wherever you want.


Saxions programmes are accreditated by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science. Our international Master programmes are accreditated by the University of Greenwhich, London.

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