Top Universities for Studying a Bachelor's Degree in Automotive Engineering in 2021

Are you up for the challenge to design and change the future of transportation? I know, you’re fascinated with cars, and you want to revolutionise the automotive industry by designing some really cool vehicles – whether it’s flying cars, doing more with alternative fuels, state-of-the-art safety features, or super-charge car batteries.

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A Bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering could be the ideal study option that gives you the groundwork you need for your creative genius. As an automotive engineer expert, you will be involved in so much more than simply designing cars or motorcycles.

If you’re interested in preparing for interesting careers in the field like technical adviser or racing team engineer, check out these 7 universities around the world that provide interesting Bachelor’s degrees in Automotive Engineering.

1. HAN University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

HAN University of Applied Sciences has a long history in terms of automotive engineering education. The Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering offers students broad knowledge on how to design the cars of the future – hybrid vehicles with zero emission and optimised safety features.

In your third year, you can partake a work placement in a multinational company that deals with vehicles, whether it is in the design or the manufacturing area.

2. Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

The B.Eng. in Automotive Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University covers courses of engineering design, thermodynamics, and power generation and distribution. In the first two years of study, you will also combine knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering, to have a clearer and complete view on how cars work.

As interesting features of this degree, you can test your design skills in the Formula Student racing car competition and the university also organises many science-related events such as Inspire summer school and Routes into STEM courses.

3. Isik University, Turkey

At Isik University, you will learn to apply principles of automotive engineering in various areas like design, automotive production, assembly, and robotic systems.

The curriculum of the Bachelor’s degree includes topics like vehicle dynamics, safety systems, or thermal sciences. You will develop skills in adapting mathematical and statistical methods to address various engineering problems.

4. Coventry University, UK

The Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering at Coventry University teaches you how to address design issues for vehicles and how to evaluate vehicle behaviour, components and systems.

The university features world-class facilities and laboratories and helps students get work placements at companies like Honda, Aston Martin or work on the new generation of military vehicles.

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5. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania

At Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, you will first be introduced to advanced mathematical methods and develop skills in finding solutions for various engineering problems.

The Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering includes courses of vehicle climate control, and vehicle safety engineering. You won’t learn just about cars, the degree also offers insights in engineering subsystems of motorcycles and trucks.

6. Hamk University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Within the B. Eng. in Automotive Engineering at Hamk University of Applied Sciences, you can choose from two modules: production machinery automation and production process automation.

The degree has a great focus on research and you will specialise in information technology in automation engineering, and embedded systems.

7. Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy

At Polytechnic University of Turin, the Bachelor’s degree combines knowledge of automotive engineering with business-related skills. The curriculum covers interesting courses such as engineering drawing, and experimental statistics. In the last two years, you will learn more about business economics and management of human resources.

Don't forget to also have a look at Masters in Automotive Engineering worldwide.

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