5 Steps You Should Take to Become a Great Mechanical Engineer

You probably already have an idea about what to expect when studying Mechanical Engineering, but what about what jobs to look forward to when taking such a degree?

If your answer is the typical ‘be solution-oriented, creative, and have at least a passing knowledge of Math and Technology’ you’re only at the base of the mountain. There’s still some hiking to do to reach the peak. 

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We’re here to fill in the blanks and cover the things that will truly make you stand out on the job market if you study a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. So be sure to read about these steps when considering undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering. 

1. Choose a good international Engineering school to make a name for yourself

We live in a world where names sell. This can’t come as a surprise to you, but it does mean you have to be extra careful about what you put in your CV and how you can impress your higher-ups, even before they get to see your great mechanical skills at work.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you should orient your Bachelor’s or Master’s studies towards prestigious Engineering schools. 

Some of the most renowned and top-ranked engineering schools in the world include MIT, UC Berkeley, or RWTH Aachen, among others.

But many other international universities offer good-quality Mechanical Engineering studies worthy of bragging about in your CV. If you’re looking for Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, some top picks you can make are:

2. Make sure you pick the right country for Mechanical Engineering

Whoever you are and whatever you choose to do, your forming years are important. This applies to you too, aspiring mechanical engineer! The more cultures and people you get to know, the more you learn about different ways to find solutions to problems. And isn’t this what all engineers do?

And here’s a secret. The countries where most Mechanical Engineering degrees are available are also likely to need most Mechanical Engineers. Here’s how the offer for Bachelors’ in Mechanical Engineering looks like:

3. Start gaining experience as a mechanical engineer early on

Yes, universities matter. Yes, choosing a country which needs mechanical engineers matters. But you know what’s something employers value even more? Experience! Hardcore, getting-hands-dirty experience.

Start developing your Mechanical Engineering skills by doing internships, taking part-time jobs, volunteering, or shadowing professionals during your undergraduate degree. You’ll have the best chance of not only graduating with a great diploma, but also with practical insight about how to get the job done.

Consider this as an investment, seeing how you offer your time now, so you could exchange it later for money, power, and world domination. (Just joking!)

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4. Aspire to the success stories of other Mechanical Engineers

Quick: what do Nikola Tesla, Rudolf Diesel, Karl Benz, and Henry Ford have in common? No, they’re not all “car parts”, but they are Mechanical Engineering graduates! They are some of those who managed to stay on top of their field and bring new and fresh ideas to the table.

The point is this: you need to know about the big names in your field and follow their methods, to avoid making rookie mistakes and get inspired when you’re stuck or everything seems overwhelming.

You can also check out the study experience of Madvesh, who studied Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, if you want to see how it is to study abroad. He says: “My primary focus was International environment, teaching quality and a healthy learning atmosphere. RWTH Aachen has all of these and it was an easy choice to make.”

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5. Careers and salaries awaiting a Mechanical Engineering graduate

Mechanical Engineering is insanely profitable. With a median annual wage of over 87.000 USD and jobs being created on a daily basis, as demand for mechanical engineers rises, you can bet this is one of the best and sought-after degrees out there.

And, if you want to be certain what’s the best destination for you, you should know that the median salary for a mechanical engineer is:

  • 68.000 USD/year in the U.S.
  • 67.500 USD/year in the U.K.
  • 12.000 USD/year in India
  • 30.000 USD/year in Singapore

But if you really want to be great, then you should go for industries that really support your growth as a Mechanical Engineer: manufacturing, transmission equipment, architectural, and metalwork. After that, orient yourself towards top careers you can pick from, including:

  • Materials engineer
  • Consultant or researcher in a manufacturing company
  • Patent law responsible

Mission accomplished! You are now equipped with the key guidelines to go rock the world of Mechanical Engineering!

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