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Karlshochschule International University

We are a state-accredited university of applied sciences with approx. 650 students, 10professors and a network of lecturers from various industries and disciplines. 



In 1903, the university was founded as the Merkur Akademie and in 1978 was transformed into the Merkur Akademie M.A.I. gGmbH. In 1992, a bachelor's programme was launched in cooperation with foreign universities. In 2004 the MAI Privathochschulen gGmbH Karlsruhe was founded. This was accredited by the Science Council in 2005 and officially recognised by the state. 


We act on the assumption of the educational ideal of an educated young person with multifaceted interests, who 

  • is willing to assume responsibility, believes that leadership is an opportunity to serve others and society,
  • is capable of changing his/her point of view and questioning his/her own construction of reality, on the basis of sound know-how and a broad academic education,
  • is able to look "behind the scenes" of what seems to be self-evident,
  • is willing to cross inner and outer borders and open to new and foreign experiences and,
  • •thus, in the spirit of life-long learning, has acquired the ability of independently developing his/her personality.


Karlshochschule academic profile is characterized by pluralistic oriented research interests in economic and entrepreneurial acting and activities in organizational life-worlds and their socio-cultural, societal embedment. We act on the assumption that economic and organizational realities are constructed and staged (performed) by agents and agencies through attributions, interpretations and negotiations of senses and sense-making. Karlshochschule International University understands itself as a business and management school that is "coined" by the studies of culture while it aspires to supplement or overcome traditional economistic and managerialistic approaches. 


Overall, students graduating from private universities have excellent career prospects in Germany; on average, they find an adequate work position more quickly after graduating from university. Through its connection to local industries (which are often global players) students often find a job in these companies. This is facilitated by the compulsory internships and company projects that are part of the curriculum. The study programs at Karlshochschule are oriented at pursuing a career in globally operating businesses, industries or international organizations. 

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Student services

Students can work in the library, different seminar rooms or workplaces in the extended hallways. 

Housing services

Karlshochschule does not provide on-site housing, since it is a small private university. Nevertheless, there is public student housing available through the Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.

Library services

The library comprises more than 13,000 books as well as approximately 70 journals and is generally open to all interested parties. External visitors can use the library during the opening hours between 8am and 5pm.

ICT services

There is an open WiFi network on campus and several computers that can be used or borrowed by students. The university also provides IT support. 

Medical services

Healthcare facilities are off campus. Students have compulsory health insurance in Germany. The public health insurance provides very good and free access to all preventive and acute health services.  

Student Life

Sports facilities

Students have access to sports facilities of the public university in Karlsruhe. There is several gyms and a broad array of sports offers (team and individual).  

Student clubs

The SENSE Center enables students and civil society organizations as well as schools to jointly implement a practical project. In this way, students get to know the work in civil society and the educational system and experience what it means to take responsibility for society. The students get to know the common good oriented practice and its social importance. In doing so, they sharpen their ability to work in a team, solution orientation and social skills.


  • Officially recognized by the Wissenschaftsministerium (Ministry of Science) Baden-Württemberg 
  • All degree programs (12 BA, one MA) are accredited by the FIBAA 
  • FIBAA Premium-seal for all Management Bachelor Programs 
  • System accreditation by the FIBAA

Student Reviews

Stepping in the right direction
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Every educational structure has room to improve. In a world where academic authority is still held by certain demographics in disproportionate amounts, some voices are not given an adequate platform to share their knowledge and experiences; which means that what we learn in all educational areas is missing certain relevant perspectives and our picture of "truth" is...

Qualitative, reflective and personal!
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Karlshochschule (informally known as "The Karls") offers an amazingly personal experience, with small classes that focus on interactive, didactive teaching methods to deliver a qualitative, deeply reflective education experience. The International Relations baccalaureate explores the nuanced ways in which different theoretical perspectives shape political discourse;...

Amazinly beautiful.
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

My university experiences thus far have been amazing. I have learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time, and it has gone by so fast. I am still discovering all the opportunities that university offers me.

Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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