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Studying Civil Engineering & Construction

Civil engineering deals with the design and development process in the built environment building infrastructure such as bridges, roads, dams or buildings. A civil engineer gets involved in the whole construction process, from development to evaluation and also develops a maintenance system of the construction project.

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Studying in United Kingdom

The moment you will step into a UK university campus, you will feel you have entered a fairy tale. The UK campuses are mesmerizing and the student facilities are outstanding. All the modern and unique features of British universities enable you to engage in ground-breaking research and experience top quality teaching and learning.

316 Civil Engineering & Construction Bachelor's degrees in United Kingdom

B.Eng. Civil Engineering

B.Eng.Civil Engineering covers broad-based civil engineering subjects to equip you with knowledge and skills to plan, design and implement major civil engineering projects. The course is accredited as fully satisfying the educational base for an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) and has been accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Structural Engineers, the Institute of Highway Engineers and the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation. 

School of Engineering and Computing
B.A. (Hons) Architecture

Architectural education at the Manchester School of Architecture consists of five years of full-time study: a three-year BA (Hons) in Architecture followed by the two-year Master of Architecture (MArch). The (Hons) Architecture programme is offered at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Pre-Bachelor International Foundation in Engineering and Mathematics

The International Foundation in Engineering and Mathematics course offered by the City, University of London prepares you for direct entry to Year 1 of an undergraduate degree in areas such as aeronautical engineering, biomedical engineering, engineering with management and entrepreneurship and telecommunications

INTO City University London
B.Sc. Quantity Surveying

‘How much will it cost?’ is often the key question for any building project. However, modern-day quantity surveying, along with costing, now also involves management of the social, economical and technical issues at the heart of any construction project.This innovative course brings together the entrepreneurial skills of the property developer with the professional acumen of the quantity surveyor.

BEng / MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering

We are one of the top Civil Engineering departments in the UK and provide a friendly and informal teaching and learning environment, with a high staff-student ratio and an excellent employment record for our graduates.

School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics
B.Eng. Environmental Engineering

The University of Exeter's forward-thinking BEng programme in Environmental Engineering capitalises on our expertise in civil engineering and our cutting-edge research in water and climate systems to provide specialist teaching in environmental engineering. You will obtain thorough civil engineering training but with an added emphasis placed on environmental issues.

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
B.Eng. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is in every pore of our society. The buildings we frequent, the bridges we cross, the motorways we drive on; every structure, surface and support system is grounded in civil engineering. The challenges facing civil engineers today are endless, as are the career prospects. This Civil Engineering programme is offered by The University of Exeter.

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
Pre-Bachelor Building Services Engineering

This Building Services Engineering course at London South Bank University is intended for technician engineers who are looking to develop their skills. Graduates will be well equipped to enter the industry in areas such as design and build, consultancy and facilities management.

B.Eng. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is all about creating, improving and protecting the environment in which we live. It provides the facilities for day-to-day life, and for transport and industry to go about its work.

School of the Built Environment
B.Sc. Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveyors play a vital role in the building and construction industry around the world. They work alongside other professionals, managing the financial and legal aspects of building projects from initial estimate to final calculation.

B.Sc. Architectural Technology

Prepare for a career in architectural technology on a course nationally recognised for producing graduates with excellent technical design skills, up-to-date ICT skills and a commitment to low-energy architecture. You are taught by practising architectural specialists whose teaching on this course led to it gaining the first ever Centre of Excellence award from the Chartered Institute of Architect

B.Eng. Civil Engineering

Civil engineers play a key role in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining the physical environment around us, including buildings and structures, flood defences and water supply programmes.

Cardiff School of Engineering
B.Eng. Civil Engineering

Start on the path to becoming a chartered engineer and have an impact on the design, construction and maintenance of the world around you. Mathematics will underpin everything you do in engineering, so it will play a key role in your learning. 

Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology
B.Sc. Building Surveying

Analyse building performance and material lifecycles to establish the cause and effect of building defects. This course prepares you for a successful career in building surveying. You will benefit from the Department's strong links with industry and the surveying profession.

Bachelor History of Art and Architectural History

History of Art & Architectural History will introduce you to art and architecture from different periods and world cultures. You will learn how and for whom, these works were made. You will explore their meanings and the ways they continue to be interpreted. In your final years you will have the opportunity to specialise.

College of Humanities & Social Science
BEng (Hons)/MEng Civil Engineering

The course in Civil Engineering is designed to allow graduates to work in both consultancy or contracting within industry. It incorporates elements of Structural design, Highway design and Water and Wastewater design.

Bachelor Construction - HNC

Offering expert training for technologists in the design, production and management of buildings, and providing advanced entry to our associated degrees, this Construction - HNC course at Birmingham City University has flexibility, practical focus and professional respect.

School of Engineering and the Built Environment
B.Eng. Civil Engineering (Hons)

Civil Engineering is all about designing, building and maintaining things that can change the world. Roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings have all played an integral role in how the human race has developed. The Civil Engineering (Hons) programme is offered by the London South Bank University. 

B.Eng. Civil Engineering (MEng)

The course in Civil Engineering aims to produce the next generation of leading Civil Engineers, with a focus on structures, materials and construction. Drawing on an impressive body of pure and applied research engineers and scientists, we will introduce you to mainstream civil engineering knowledge, ranging from geotechnical site assessment to assessing and designing structures and water engineering.

College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences
B.Sc. Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management

This RICS- and CIOB-accredited Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management course at Oxford Brookes University provides education in quantity surveying and commercial management through four main themes: technology, management, project based learning and practical experience.This body of knowledge and industrial experience will prepare you for a professional career in the construction industry.

School of the Built Environment
MEng Civil Engineering

In the modern world, the physical infrastructure created by civil engineers surrounds us, impacting on our lives in many diverse ways – from bridges and buildings to water treatment and waste management. 

College of Science & Engineering
M.Eng. (Hons) Civil Engineering Design and Management

Civil Engineering is concerned with harnessing the great powers of nature for our use and convenience. Civil Engineers create, improve and protect the environment, they are involved in overseeing large-scale projects from design through to construction and completion.

School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics
B.Sc. Facilities Management (Hons)

The Facilities Management (Hons) degree offered by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has been restructured to keep pace with a changing and progressive industry, and to meet the new demands this places on the Facilities Manager as they take responsibility for a broader spectrum of sustainable facilities.

B.Sc. Construction Management (top-up)

This programme provides a progression route to an honours degree for students who have completed an HND/FdSc in Construction Management. The programme provides a balanced programme of technical skills and business expertise to enable career progression into supervisory and management jobs.

B.Eng. Civil and Structural Engineering

This professionally accredited Civil and Structural Engineering course at Coventry University offers you the opportunity to achieve a degree level qualification in three years of full-time study. 

Energy, Construction and Environment
B.Eng. Civil Engineering

Civil engineers develop solutions for the challenges associated with the design, construction, maintenance and management of infrastructure and assets. You can study at the University of Greenwich either BEng Hons Civil Engineering or one of two specialist routes; Civil Engineering with Water and Environmental Management or Civil Engineering with Project Management.

School of Engineering and Science
B.Sc. Construction Management (part-time)

Our 20 years’ experience of delivering construction management training has helped us to develop a course that works for both employees and employers. Students train for a single day each week throughout the academic year, applying what they have learnt directly to their day-to-day work and continuing to be an asset in the workplace.

B.Eng. Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering is concerned with understanding the interactions between buildings and infrastructure, the environment in which they are built and operated, and the health of the people who use them.

Faculty of Engineering
B.Eng. Civil Engineering(Hons)

From the delivery of energy systems and iconic structures to water storage and provision, civil engineers create the large-scale infrastructure that makes our daily lives possible. Our civil engineering degree is designed to create civil engineering graduates who can display professional judgement and skills and knowledge.

B.Eng. Building Services Engineering

Create sustainable environments within buildings by studying the techniques behind low-carbon design and renewable solutions. You will be provided with the guidance and support that will put you on your way to achieving graduate member status with the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE).

Faculty of Arts, Environment & Technology
B.A. Honours Professional Practice in Construction Site Management

The Honours Professional Practice in Construction Site Management programme from Middlesex University  has been designed to enable people who are currently working in the construction industry, including those with significant experience, to gain a university degree and contribute to their professional body membership.

Business School
B.Eng. Civil Engineering

This is a three year course leading to a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) qualification in Civil Engineering. The course from The University of Manchester is broad-based and covers topics such as structural, fluid and soil mechanics, engineering design, and maths; as well as emerging subjects crucial to the future of society such as climate change; resource usage and management.

B.Sc. Architecture

Designed to satisfy the requirements of the Architects Registration Board, this course provides the crucial first stage in your seven-year education to become a chartered architect.

School of the Built Environment
B.Sc. Quantity Surveying (Hons)

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) offers the BSc in Quantity Surveying (Hons) degree course. Quantity Surveyors, with their strong commercial and contractual bias, are the financial services of the construction industry - the kind of position that suits problem-solvers with analytical minds.

B.Eng. Building Services Engineering

This Building Services Engineering course at Coventry University prepares you to design, install and maintain building services. You will gain an understanding of how the professionals within the building industry need to work together to ensure that modern buildings are constructed economically, efficiently and in a sustainable way.

Energy, Construction and Environment
B.Eng. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering develops and improves facilities and services that society needs – from the supply of clean water and energy to the design and construction of roads, railways and stations. Tall buildings such as the Shard in London or the new Queensferry Bridge across the Firth of Forth are exciting examples of civil engineering.

B.Eng. Civil Engineering

If you are creative and enjoy design, construction and management of the world we live in, then civil engineering is for you. This degree will equip you to find solutions to environmental problems and to design the large and unique structures, such as buildings, bridges, dams and coastal defences.

Faculty of Engineering
B.Sc. Construction Management

If your ambition is to gain a senior site management role within the construction industry, the Construction Management BSc at Birmingham City University will set you on the right path.

School of Engineering and the Built Environment
B.Eng. Civil and Environmental Engineering

Civil engineering develops and improves facilities and services that society needs – from the supply of clean water and energy to the design and construction of roads, railways and stations. Tall buildings such as the Shard in London or the new Queensferry Bridge across the Firth of Forth are exciting examples of civil engineering.

B.Sc. Building Surveying

Building surveyors are sought after professionals, and the work of a chartered building surveyor can be varied or involve high levels of specialism.

School of the Built Environment
B.Eng. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is ranked 1st in the UK for its graduate prospects, according to The Complete University Guide 2017. As a student on the BEng Civil Engineering course, you will be taught by leading experts in their field and be provided with an excellent basis for a professional career in civil, structural, municipal and allied engineering fields.

B.Eng. Tech Civil Engineering (Top-up) (Hons)

This Civil Engineering (Top-up) (Hons) degree from Teesside University is ideal if you are qualified to QCF Level 5 in a civil engineering-related subject and you wish to enhance your career prospects. Eligible qualifications include BTEC Higher National Diplomas (HND) and foundation degrees.

B.A. Landscape Architecture

The aim of this course is to train landscape architects who also understand planning and how design proposals affect the environment. You'll study urban theory, planning and practice, and the complex relationship between people and the environment. 

Department of Architecture, Landscape and Town Planning
B.A. Architecture (RIBA Part 1 Exemption)

Study in state-of-the-art studios, learn from experienced, research-active experts and make connections with over 100 industry partners with the BA (Hons) Architecture (RIBA Part 1 Exemption) course at Birmingham City University.

School of Architecture and Design
B.Sc. Transport and Business Management

This course equips you with a thorough and practical knowledge of the economic, social and technological aspects of the main modes of transport, so that you will be able to play a full part in their future development.

Civil and Building Engineering
B.Eng. Civil Engineering (BEng Hons)

Civil engineers shape the world we live in.  Everything from supplying gas and electricity, to treating water, and developing easy-to-build schools, civil engineers are imperative.  This course is the quickest route to gaining the experience needed towards Chartered Engineer (CEng) status.

B.Eng. Engineering (Civil)

This BEng covers all the major fields of civil engineering (structures, geotechnics, fluids, design, transport studies, surveying and materials) with residential field trips throughout. It also includes a broad range of final-year options such as project management, finance, and law which will be essential in your future career.

Engineering Sciences
B.Eng. Civil and Surveying Engineering (Hons)

This professionally accredited BEng Civil and Surveying Engineering (Hons) degree from Newcastle University provides you with the specialist skills and knowledge you need for a career in the engineering surveying profession.

School of Engineering
B.Sc. Real Estate Management

Prepare for a career in the commercial real estate industry, learning essential skills relating to the development, ownership and management of property. You top up your existing Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Real Estate) to achieve a degree and improve your career development.

B.Eng. Civil Engineering with Study Abroad

MEng Civil Engineering with Study Abroad provides the chance to study in Australia, Canada, Colombia, USA, Hong Kong or Singapore. There is no direct entry on to the course, but you can transfer from the other courses if you reach a high academic standard in your first two years.

Faculty of Engineering
B.Sc. Architectural Technology

The Architectural Technology degree course at De Montfort University will develop the skills you need to be a specialist in the science of architecture, building design and construction.

Leicester School of Architecture