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Civil and construction engineers are designers and contractors who actually get to admire their brilliant work from a window or rooftop. The field of civil engineering and construction deals with creating and supervising construction projects, such as buildings, roads, bridges, railways and more.

During a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Civil Engineering, you will learn how to follow construction safety standards as well as building regulation.

As a civil engineer, you can see how small ideas turn into something big, sturdy and stable – from the first brick to the finishing touches.

Within the Civil Engineering and Construction field, you can specialise in:

• Urban engineering
• Transportation engineering
• Coastal engineering
• Environmental engineering

Students who graduate with degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction enter into the following careers:

• Construction engineer
• Structural engineer
• Water resource engineer
• Building control surveyor

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Suggested Bachelors in Civil Engineering & Construction

B.Sc. Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

The Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences major from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a broad study program: a mix between theory and practice, between thinking and doing. The broad approach allows you to get to know all disciplines of the Built Environment. With this knowledge, you can then specialize in your favorite discipline.

B.Sc. Civil Engineering

The Ozyegin University Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program strives to cultivate a new generation of engineers with in-depth knowledge and extensive capacity to use cutting edge technologies for civil engineering applications; equipped with broad skills in their area of specialization in terms of both design and practice.