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Every time you read about a character in a book or movie that has a vast amount of money and no time to spend it, while continuously sending e-mails and interrupt gatherings with their loud ringtone, there is a 99% chance they have finished a Business & Management programme.

Business & Management is the main field, including subdisciplines like Project Management, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and other types of Management of people and companies. Students, either Bachelor or Master graduates, have the sole priority of making a business better, from bringing more revenue, to hiring better people and knowing what to invest, and where.

Graduates of Business & Management can pick any career path they wish, but the most popular are:

• Entrepreneurs
• Forensic Accountants
• Project Managers
• Bankers
• International Business Specialists

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Suggested Bachelors in Business & Management

Bachelor International Trade

The Department of International Trade is designed for students who want to gain an understanding of the international business world and be informed citizens.The International Trade program is offered by Bahçesehir University.

B.Sc. Horticulture and Business Management

In this Horticulture and Business Management undergraduate programme offered by HAS University of Applied Sciences you will discover the key to the Dutch success and learn all about our technical innovations and production methods. All this is set in an international environment, with students from all over the world.

B.B.A. International Food and Agribusiness

How do we ensure that there is sufficient and healthy food for everyone on this planet, now and in the future? The solution to this challenging question lies in international enterprise with respect for people and the environment. That is exactly what the English-taught bachelor programme International Food and Agribusiness is all about.

B.B.A. Business Management in Agriculture and Food

In the English-language Bachelor’s programme Business Management in Agriculture & Food offered by HAS University of Applied Sciences, you will learn all about management, finance, logistics and marketing. Everything you need for a flourishing business is covered, in theory and in practice. You will visit companies every week and you will have al lot of space to design your own study programme.