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Entrepreneurship can be defined as a business related area where leaders in organizations are not afraid to take risks, tackle innovative solutions in order to boost their business performance and ensure the highest income. Entrepreneurship concentrates on business opportunities exploitation, business plan development and control, start-up establishment, management, team-building, market strategies, human resource management, leadership, innovation, intellectual property, economy, networking, market research, etc.

Students enrolled in an entrepreneurship course will develop communication skills in order to become good negotiators and they will also learn basic management and leadership skills. A good entrepreneur uses his creativity and applies strategic thinking to create effective business plans.

A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in entrepreneurship includes theoretical knowledge and practical activities. Understanding today’s business environment, the ability to manage people and be a good sales person are a cornerstone in this modern and dynamic field.

Career prospects for graduates in entrepreneurship are: business manager/administrator or take management for different departments in various companies or organisations, business or financial consultant, research developer, management analyst, franchise owner, project manager and more.

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Suggested Bachelors in Entrepreneurship

B.B.A. Business Studies

The Business Studies programme taught at European University Cyprus (EUC) encompasses a wide range of subjects, enabling students to design a flexible program of study with up to three areas of concentration.

BSB Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship, BSB program at Wright State University provides students will the skills and experiences necessary to start their own successful venture. Courses focus on starting, financing, commercializing, and managing a new business.

United States
Pre-Bachelor Creative Music Production and Business

The Creative Music Production and Business course at Community Music is aimed at music producers and musicians who want to develop professional production and musicianship skills, and then go on to learn the business skills needed to create a sustainable career within the music industry.

United Kingdom