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They say effective Marketing means knowing how to address the right people, and turn them into loyal customers; when your clients become so satisfied with what you’ve sold them, they will remember your brand and your product, and immediately recommend it to other people. Marketing is a field of study that involves learning how to create and implement advertising and promotional strategies.

Ultimately, you’re marketing products or services in a way that leads to increased sales revenue. A Bachelor’s or Master’s programme in Marketing blends theories of finance, business, marketing research and consumer behaviour. Students will develop math and analytical skills but they will also learn how to be great story tellers. You will learn how to create advertising campaigns, focusing on the four golden concepts of marketing: product, price, place, promotion.

Students who graduate with degrees in Marketing enter the following careers:

• Art directors
• Copywriters
• Market researchers
• Social media managers
• Marketing managers

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Suggested Bachelors in Marketing

Bachelor Business: Marketing Major

The Business: Marketing Major at Swinburne Online gives you an understanding of contemporary marketing principles, and equips you with the skills needed to market products and services in today’s economy. You will learn how to create and implement marketing strategies that effectively communicate with an audience, drive sales and grow customer loyalty.

B.A. Business and Marketing (Hons)

The BA Business and Marketing (Hons) degree online at University of Essex Online equips you with a broad-based and thorough understanding of the rapidly changing environment and operations of modern business and market promotion.

United Kingdom
B.A. Business (Marketing) (Top-Up) (Hons)

The Business (Marketing) (Top-Up) (Hons) programme offered by the Arden University explains how Marketing is an essential part of a business, not just in attracting customers, but in feeding intelligence to the management team to support effective decision making and planning. 

United Kingdom