Study Bachelor of Science in Lithuania

Study Bachelor of Science in Lithuania

Studying Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) is one kind of Bachelor degrees and usually the first academic degree that is achieved at a university or other higher education institutions. The study duration of a Bachelor's programme is usually three to four years.

Usually it is referred to as undergraduate studies. In the UK a three-year Bachelor is also referred to as Basic or Minors Bachelor whereas the four-year Bachelor is referred to as honours Bachelor (or Bachelor (Honours)).

According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) on average 30 credits each semester have to be achieved for a Bachelor's degree. The total amount of credits for a 3-year Bachelor is accordingly 180 ECTS. For a 4-year Bachelor 240 ECTS respectively.

The Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) is mainly awarded to students of universities in the areas of natural sciences, humanities, business sciences, engineering sciences, mathematics and informatics.

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44 Bachelor of Science Bachelor's degrees in Lithuania

B.Sc. Electronics Engineering

The Electronics Engineering degree from Kaunas University of Technology will enable you to work in any area of global and dynamic electronics industry ranging from traditional but modern manufacturing to medicine, security and logistics, communication systems and military equipment.

Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
B.Sc. Biotechnology

The Biotechnology programme at Vytautas Magnus University is specifically designed to integrate the laboratory and lecture components through the use of an experimental approach to learning in biotechnological, genetics and molecular biology laboratories. Hands-on research experience is deepen through an extended independent research projects.

Faculty of Natural Sciences
B.Sc. New Media Language

The New Media Language programme from Kaunas University of Technology is designed for those, who want to learn to "play with language", to know the secrets of electronic communication, to be able to analyse grammar of "visual design" and master a few foreign languages (French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish or Swedish).

Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
B.Sc. Economics and Politics

Economics and Politics is a regionally unprecedented undergraduate program at the ISM University of Management and Economics designed to teach the disciplines as a thematic and methodological whole. The interdisciplinary nature of the program and its reliance on a single Game Theoretic toolbox reflects today’s reality, where decisions of economic and political agents have become inextricably intertwined.

Undergraduate studies
B.Sc. Finance

The Finance programme that is in line with the requirements for CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 1 examinations was first introduced in 2011. CFA® is the globally recognised top level qualification of financial analysts that is certified by the CFA Institute. The Finance programme is offered at the ISM University of Management and Economics.

Undergraduate studies
B.Sc. Informatics

The Informatics studies from Kaunas University of Technology focus on technologies of programming, the internet and three-dimensional graphics. Cloud computing, contemporary fixed, mobile or wireless access networks, real world information models and processes of computerised application areas, enable the graduates to be up to date with the needs in the market.

Faculty of Informatics
B.Sc. Industrial Technology Management

Industrial Technology Management is a unique 4-year programme conducted at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT, USA) and ISM University of Management and Economics (ISM, Lithuania). The programme is designed for talented young people who are seeking managerial careers and who are aware of the importance of technology and fundamental science as well as the power of interdisciplinary knowledge in the modern economy.

Undergraduate studies
B.Sc. Mechatronics

The graduates of the interdisciplinary programme in Mechatronics from Kaunas University of Technology systematically master the mechanics, control engineering and information technology expertise and methods, and are ready to build, install or operate the complexity of technical systems.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design
B.Sc. Architecture

Dynamic, innovative and at the same time practical programme is implemented using Studio model – study modules are integrated in one complex assignment. This Architecture programme is offered by the Kaunas University of Technology.

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
B.Sc. Industrial Technology Management

Industrial Technology Management programme from Kaunas University of Technology is designed for ambitious young people, who want to obtain integrated expertise in business process and technology management, forming a broad approach to management, industry and business

School of Economics and Business
B.Sc. Robotics

The Kaunas University of Technology ,Robotics study programme combines electronics, mechatronics, computer control, signal processing, artificial intelligence and programming in the design, development and application of robots and their integration with other systems in the work environment.

Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
B.Sc. Civil Engineering

The BSc Civil Engineering programme from Kaunas University of Technology thoroughly covers the scientific fundamentals of civil engineering and computer-aided design skills required to apply them, providing a range of opportunities to put theory into practice through specialist laboratory classes, project works, group works using BIM methodology.

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
B.Sc. Chemical Technology and Engineering

Chemical Technology and Engineering programme from Kaunas University of Technology prepares qualified technologists with Bachelor degree in engineering for any production company or laboratory. Graduates know how to design products and processes, manage technological systems, understand processes of chemical technology, equipment, are able to provide economic assessment of new technologies.

Faculty of Chemical Technology
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering programme from Kaunas University of Technology covers analysis of various materials and technologies used and design for industry, fundamentals of machine design, and product development. The abilities and skills to design devices, equipment and systems of mechanical nature applying modern CAD/CAE systems are particularly crucial to successful career.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design
B.Sc. Aviation Engineering

Focused on professional experience at aviation companies, the Aviation Engineering programme from Kaunas University of Technology leads through gradual learning about processes underlying the principles of aerodynamics, materials used to build aerial vehicles, aerial vehicle structures and types, their behaviour in flight and development of abilities in aerial vehicle design.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design
B.Sc. Nursing

The Faculty offers 4 bachelor's (undergraduate) degree programmes, i.e. Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, and Occupational Therapy, and 4 master's (postgraduate) degree programmes, i.e. Clinical Nursing, Advance Nursing Practice; Health promotion and rehabilitation and Art Therapy. Graduate students who are highly qualified have the right to work in the country's health care institutions.

B.Sc. Administration of Rural Development

Why Administration of Rural Development? Countryside is an important and integral part of economical, social and cultural life of the country and each of its regions, its centre of ethnic economics culture and space for recreation. The agriculture and rural development is the area of an exceptional focus of the state.

B.Sc. Economics and Sustainable Business

The Joint International bachelour in Economics and Sustainable business, Siauliai University is a full time programme which is completed over 3,5 years and includes two mobility semester at a partner institution (Wroclav University).

B.Sc. Urban and Recreational Forestry

Why Urban and Recreational Forestry? Worldwide prognosis shows that in 50 years more than 80% of world population will live in or near urban environment. The ongoing urbanization of society has led to the increasing importance of urban green spaces as contributors to the quality of the urban environment and urban life. Forest management under urban pressure differs from traditional forestry. Urban forestry can be defined as the art, science and technology of managing trees and forest resources in and around urban community ecosystems for the physiological, sociological, economic, and aesthetic benefits trees provide society with (Helms, 1998).

B.Sc. Forestry

Why Forestry? Forests are important not only for the commercial values but also for the ecological and protective functions. The latter benefits of forests are increasing important under rapid climatic change. Silviculture provides knowledge on economically efficient and sustainable, environmentally-friendly forest management starting from genes and ending at harvesting. The study program invites students who are interested in making forests a better and more stable resource for both economy and environment.

B.Sc. Medicine

The programme provides adequate knowledge of the sciences on which medicine is based and a good understanding of the scientific methods; sufficient understanding of the structure, functions and behaviour of healthy and sick persons, as well as relations between the state of health and physical and social surroundings of the human being; adequate knowledge of clinical disciplines and practices.

Integrated studies
B.Sc. Vehicle Engineering

The study process of the Vehicle Engineering programme fromKaunas University of Technology features teaching and learning methods and instruments conforming to international standards: engineering group projects involve application of state-of- the-art diagnostic technologies and design environments – CATIA ADAMS, etc. – employed by international business companies in the vehicle design industry.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

The main aim is to prepare higher qualification Electrical Engineering specialists that meet the requirements of the modern knowledge-based and information-based economy and to ensure the following main qualities of the curriculum: to ensure enough knowledge and abilities that are needed for engineering action of global market using of most updated technology.

International Bachelor Programmes
B.Sc. Veterinary Medicine

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the only institution in Lithuania to award master’s degrees and qualifications in veterinary surgery and professional food safety. Graduates are able to practice in private and state institutions. Veterinary doctors can diagnose animal diseases, treat animals, apply prophylactic measures, monitor the transfer of animal diseases and food chain safety, conduct research and present their knowledge, solve complex veterinary-related problems, as well as apply gained abilities and knowledge in different activities and further self-education.

B.Sc. Renewable Energy Resources Engineering

Why Renewable Energy Resources Engineering? Traditional natural resources are declining in the world. Therefore, there is a need for alternative renewable energy resources - biomass. Biomass, as the most widely spread and universal renewable natural source, is used for production of heat, electricity, biofuels, polymeric materials and other bioproducts. Renewable Energy Resources Engineering is an interdisciplinary study programme that gives students special knowledge in engineering and enables them to organise feedstock flows and technological processes, to control biomass production and conversion, moreover, to reduce the exploitation of traditional natural resources and harmful impact on environment.

B.Sc. Information Systems Engineering

Students' can perform their professional internship in IT companies, which are generating and implementing or supervising computerized information systems, such as "Baltnetos communications" SEB, Swedbank, Alna Intelligence, "Intelligent Technologies, "Simplit, IT Systems, Lithuanian National Radio and Television, or choose their internship abroad.

Faculty of Electronics
B.Sc. Agricultural Economics

Why Agricultural Economics? The authenticity of this study programme is determined by two major factors: firstly, agriculture is the main user of rural, particularly natural, resources, and agricultural production processes are determined by biological factors which have a significant impact on the performance of agriculture, the food and the fibre chain and other rural economic sectors; and secondly, specialist knowledge is required to recognise, examine, assess and design these special features. Such knowledge is acquired along with the economic theory when assimilating applied knowledge of agricultural economics and related social sciences, biomedicine and technological sciences. No other Lithuanian university associates Economic study programmes with the aforementioned learning outcomes.

B.Sc. Hydraulic Engineering

Why Hydraulic Engineering? Water is essential for life. The need for water has been steadily increasing since ancient times and the role of the hydraulic engineer is a critical one in water supply. Hydraulic engineering is a branch of civil engineering dealing with the collection, storage, control, transport, regula-tion, measurement and use of water. Modern hydraulic engineering focusing on peopleoriented water conservancy has greatly advanced, while there are still series of worldwide problems such as shortage of water resources, flood and drought disasters, soil erosion and water contamination.

B.Sc. General Practice Nursing

The Kauno Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences offers this General Practice Nursing programme. Practice focused academic programme furnishing students with knowledge of health, social and applied sciences as well as the nursing skills necessary in European context of health care.

B.Sc. Applied Ecology

Why Applied Ecology? Nowadays ecology becomes increasingly important in every humans life. Consequently, specialists skilled in organizing environmental protection in compliance with the international requirements and proposing solutions on environmental pollution reducing are in a great request. Applied Ecology focuses on the forest, agro and aqua ecosystems and their sustainable development. The study programme invites students who are interested in ecology, environmental science and biodiversity conservation. Qualification: Bachelor of Ecology Duration of studies: 4 years Length of program: 240 ECTS credits Language of instruction: English

B.Sc. Agricultural Mechanical Engineering

Why Agricultural Mechanical Engineering? Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest scientific directions known and studied by a man. The laws of mechanics can explain patterns of most technique functioning and agricultural processes (from plowing and threshing). They enable to create machines, to optimize their work, to cut down energetic costs of the processes, to reduce friction and wear losses. This study program is for the people who want to gain knowledge of the mechanics, agricultural constructions, projecting, production, use and service, technological processes of agricultural production.

B.Sc. Production Engineering

Production Engineering is focused on enabling the graduates to carry out and lead production processes in a company which operates in fast changing market environment. To work efficiently a specialist must have knowledge of production technologies and process management, be able to develop and manage production processes.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design
B.Sc. Telekomunikaciju Inzinerija (Telecommunications Engineering)

The department of telecommunications engineering aims to develop a need to be interested in news on electronics and telecommunication engineering sciences, to apply them in various circumstances, to be able to combine application skills with fundamentals of management, knowledge of humanities and social sciences, to recognize influence and significance of engineering decisions on the social development, to work in a global engineering marketplace and to use hi-tech technologies.

Bachelor Study Programmes (Lithuanian)
B.Sc. Transporto Inzinerija (Transport Engineering)

The department of transport engineering aims to keep self - study, recognize and evaluate theoretical and practical innovations of transport and logistics; comprehend and take responsibility for the consequences of decisions; satisfy demands of country's and the EU's highly qualified professionals in transport sector; contribute to democratic, civil society formation.

Bachelor Study Programmes (Lithuanian)
B.Sc. Multimedia Technology

Practice focused academic programme furnishing students with knowledge of information engineering and communication, design, social and applied sciences as well as the business skills necessary in European context of Media Communication. The Multimedia Technology programme is offered at the Kauno Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences.

B.Sc. Transport Engineering Economics and Management

Study programme aims to omprehend and adequately analyze business, economics and engineering theories and fundamental principles and methods, which are applied in complex transport issues arising under modern conditions, which are influenced by science and technological development, globalization process. would be able to apply the latest research results and practical skills gained from study programme in their chosen area of expertise.

Faculty of Transport Engineering
B.Sc. Economics

BA Economics prepares qualified specialists whose main activities are oriented towards the result of a running enterprise and the analysis of its changes, efficiency evaluation of resource utilization, decision making of finance, investments and management, projection of macro-economical policy, and formation of international economical relations. The students are encouraged to continue their studies through completion of the MA studies.

B.Sc. Business Management

Obtain Bachelors degree in just three years. Experience the programme which is designed to address the most up to date issues in current international business environment. Three different internships throughout the study years will provide students with practical experience and help to enter a worldwide labor market upon graduation.

Degree Programmes
B.Sc. Tourism and Hotel Management

Highly competitive and advanced programme in tourism and hotel management preparing quality specialists for fast changing hospitality industry. Well balanced theoretical and practical approach to the subject addresses the most important issues of affective tourism organization.

Degree Programmes
B.Sc. Economics Engineering

Th programme aims to prepare professionals who are able to integrate and apply complexly the knowledge of economical theories, management of economical processes and economical engineering, covering both the economy and other fields of social life, science and technology progress.

Faculty of Business Management