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The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) is the most comman among Bachelor degrees and usually the first academic degree that is achieved at a university or other higher education institutions.

It is mainly awarded to, but not limited to students following a programme in the liberal arts. Especially traditional universities such as Cambridge or Oxford award the Bachelor of Arts to all of their subjects, including the scientific ones.

The study duration of a Bachelor's programme is usually three to four years and it is usually referred to as undergraduate studies. In the UK a three-year Bachelor is also referred to as Basic or Minors Bachelor whereas the four-year Bachelor is referred to as honours Bachelor (or Bachelor (Honours)).

The Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) is mainly awarded to students in the areas of Social Sciences, Linguistics, Cultural Sciences but also studies informatics and business sciences can be awarded with a Bachelor of Arts instead of a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.).

Studying in Estonia

EU's hidden gem Estonia is becoming a new hot-spot for studies abroad. Estonia`s vibrant and affordable environment together with well-developed technology sector make Estonia an attractive place to study and live. With high-quality higher education, internationally accepted degrees and various scholarships this is a safe target country for international degree.

10 Bachelor of Arts Bachelor's degrees in Estonia

B.A. Liberal Arts in Social Sciences

The BA in Liberal Arts in Social Sciences at Tallinn University looks into various social sciences and teaches the student how to find common ground. Students can create their major via electives after the core courses have introduced the different social sciences.

Programmes Taught in English
B.A. Audiovisual Media

The Audiovisual Media programme at Tallinn University is well established; with 15 years of experience, it has already seen its graduates placed in many important positions in the Baltic media scene.

Programmes Taught in English
B.A. Liberal Arts in Humanities

The BA in Liberal Arts at Tallinn University offers not only the usual skills like research or critical thinking, it permits to enhance these skills by combining various courses to get diverse views of poignant topics. We promote independent thinking, teamwork and tolerance.

B.A. Crossmedia in Film and Television

Crossmedia in Film and Television programme at Tallinn University combines the areas of media production, storytelling and management, offering both theoretical grounds and exciting practical assignments. Studying Crossmedia in Film and Television means learning how to tell a story that unfolds on many directions where for example a story is introduced as a feature film.

Programmes Taught in English
B.A. Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a 3-year programme preparing students for successful entry to international or local labour market and further studies in business and economics.

B.A. Politics and Governance

The BA in Politics and Governance from Tallinn University is a contemporary academic programme combining a strong politics and governance core with a variety of choices including international relations, economics and management.

Programmes Taught in English
B.A. Business Administration and Languages

People with good foreign language skills are valued in all international organizations. Business Administration and Languages programme at the Estonian Business School is an excellent combination of language studies and business.

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B.A. Law

This programme offers the chance of studying modern techniques in legal interpretation and implementation, and to gain an understanding of the interrelations between different legal systems. It provides knowledge in international and European Union law, private and public law, and in international relations along with study and research in detail of newer areas, such as law and technology.

Faculty of Social Sciences
B.A. International Business Administration

This International Business Administration programme at Estonian Business School is designed for people interested in economics and business who wish to acquire professional knowledge and skills to work in an international company or in public sector. 

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