Careers for IT Graduates - Why Take a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science?

If you’re considering studying a Bachelor’s in IT, you probably already know that this can lead to a very wide range of careers and jobs.

Your first thoughts probably lean towards software development, and companies such as Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. But, once you start researching things more, you’ll discover many different opportunities and, eventually, find one that perfectly suits you.

So, what will you do and where can you work with a Computer Science / IT Bachelor’s degree?

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Where to study top Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Before we start, you should know that your chances of landing a great job can also depend on where you study your Bachelor’s degree. That’s why we chose some great options for you, like:

If these options didn’t convince you, or you would prefer somewhere a bit warmer, you should know that, based on our data, some great countries you can pick as your international study destination are:

Careers for graduates of Computer Science Bachelor’s degrees

The list of the most common and popular career opportunities for Computer Science graduates is:

1. Computer support specialist / First line support

Although these are usually jobs students take, they could be the perfect career path!

If you enjoy working with people and helping them with their “IT problems”, this might be for you. You get ups and downs, as well as a ton of variety every day. And, hey!, sometimes you get a laugh at a problem that’s just outlandish.

Support specialists provide customer services for the public, often from call centres, or work in a companys' information technology (IT) department, helping other employees.

The average salary you can expect as a computer support specialist is around 42.000 USD / year.

2. Software developer

Do you want the job perks of working at a Googleplex? Or the pride in saying you develop for Facebook? If you enjoy writing code, solving problems, and developing programs, a job like this will suit you perfectly.

Software developers invent applications, from simple ones, that can show you where you can find an available parking space in a city, to more complex ones, that can help people with disabilities and make a difference in the world.

As a software developer, you will have to be an expert in programming languages, but you must also gain knowledge in the exact industry you develop a software for. If you have to develop software for a financial company, then you will need to gather and learn a few things about the financial system, in general.

If the glory of working as a developer isn’t enough, you should know that the average salary, per year, is around 41.000 USD.

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3. Computer systems engineer

If you’re more the type that likes to solve puzzles, or that doesn’t give up whenever there is something that needs to be fixed or repaired, a job as a computer engineer might the perfect fit for you.

The computer systems engineers are the ones that design, install, maintain and repair computer systems. They are responsible for configuring servers and may recommend users to change their computers to an alternative system or install an entirely new one.

In addition, a computer engineer will also have to examine the costs and the benefits of the systems and create new user documentation.

Basically, you will be the most important person in somebody’s life, and you will rescue them whenever a problem comes along. And, besides this, you will also have an average salary of 70.600 USD / year, which is not too bad!

4. Business intelligence analyst

This is a fancy title and, in a way, it’s really appropriate, because you get to combine two roles: a semi-business man and an IT expert.

As a business intelligence analyst, you will have meetings with managers from various departments of a company, gather data and give suggestions or solutions to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of that company. You may work as an employee of that company or become a freelance consultant.

Intelligence analysts should know a little bit of everything from the Computer Science field, like data mining and data storage structures. Apart from IT skills, you should also possess excellent presentation skills, as you have to make sure you communicate effectively and clearly with managers and clients.

And, if you're not yet convinced, you should know that the average salary for a business intelligence analyst is around 66.000 USD / year.

5. Web developer

If you’re more of a creative spirit and always critique the bad design of websites, you should consider a job as a web developer. You can build and design a website for any company, public institution, online retailer, NGO, and more.

Before you develop a website, you have to consult with the client, which sometimes can cover several departments of a company or organisation (management, sales, marketing, etc.). You will have to make sure the final result meets their desires and expectations, as well as give it your personal twist and look.

If your creative side wins and the idea of creating beautiful and useful websites sounds great, then you should know that the average salary for a web developer is around 33.000 USD / year.

6. Software quality assurance (QA) tester

If you can easily checkmate someone in two or three moves, then maybe the logical skills of a software quality assurance tester will sound great to you. QA engineers or testers will have to monitor every stage in a software development and check if it meets all the standards that were set by the development company.

QA testers are responsible for analysing software products before they are released and ensure a project is completed by a deadline, while also meeting the budget requirements, as well.

After you graduate, you can expect an average salary of around 58.100 USD / year.

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7. IT security analyst

Become a hacker! No, not the kind that goes underground while the government sends secret services to hunt you down, but white hat hackers, or ethical hackers, that are very much needed in the IT industry.

As long as you’re employed by the company you’re hacking as a security specialist / ethical hacker, you’re probably fine! But the phrase “it takes a thief to catch a thief” holds some weight.

What you will do is called ‘exception testing’: the more the tests (hacks) fail, the more likely the system is to be secure. So, the better your tests (hacks), the better the system.

And, besides the fun of presenting yourself as a hacker at all your family events, you will also have an average revenue of around 66.700 USD / year.

8. Computer Science teacher

Whether it’s adult education, high school or university, students need teachers, lecturers or tutors.

If you’re already studying IT, think about how instrumental your teacher has been for your studies. Now imagine how much you could help someone else studying IT, or how you could influence the careers of hundreds of students!

It can be tough, but many of those working in these fields say it’s very rewarding, and not only financially. Speaking of which, the average salary of a Computer Science teacher is around 58.700 USD / year.

9. IT scientific researcher

Computer scientists are needed in every branch of science, and they can lead to some extremely interesting areas of research or scientific development, including the development of medicine.

Or how about looking to the future of space travel, artificial intelligence, or computation cognitive neuroscience? Think about saying that at a party, huh?

If you enjoy learning and being at the forefront of all the innovations in your field, then IT scientific research is definitively for you, and, as a bonus, the salary will be around 77.000 USD / year.

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And the list goes on

The job opportunities don’t end with the categories listed above. You can find other types of jobs related to Computer Science or Information Technology that suit your needs. The best part is that this field is continually developing, so new job titles and new tasks will come up periodically.

But remember: as a developing computer genius, you have to never stop learning and keep up with the latest tech innovations and discoveries. That way, you’ll have an advantage when you apply for a job or wish to advance to higher positions within a company.

And, if you're already interested in growing as a professional, make sure to also check out plenty of Masters in Computer Science abroad.

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