7 Ways to Find the Best Bachelor's Degree to Study Abroad in 2021

Studying a Bachelor’s abroad is an exciting option. You already see yourself discovering great new places and people, and making the most of your student experience. But to get all of that you need to find the Bachelor’s degree that fits best the way you imagine the next 3-4 years.

Below you’ll find some great ways to spot the coolest international undergraduate study in your searches.

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1. Look for the best universities in the world

The easiest way to find the universities that promise most academic success is to check which are ranked in international academic tops. Some reliable sources are:

The first ten positions in these tops are traditionally occupied by American and British universities, and there’s no surprise here. We’re talking about get-brainy universities like HarvardStanfordOxfordCambridge.

As such places are highly selective and there is enormous competition to get in, you should consider looking at the top 100 universities in the world because you pick quality undergraduate education from a wider range of countries. Examples of top universities that you’ll want to check out are:

2. Check out underrated universities as well

Underrated universities are those universities that people tend to overlook. They are not necessarily featured highly in international rankings, but are still great places to study because they make even more efforts to make students feel welcome. These universities are usually ranked after the first 150 academic institutions worldwide. Here is why you should check some of them:

  • Stockholm School of Economics, in Sweden – rated as top business school, this university offers a wide range of programmes at all levels of higher education and has close ties to business and research.
  • HAS University of Applied Sciences, in the Netherlands – a university for fans of green studies,  which focuses on day-to-day business practices in agricultural and environmental industries.
  • SOAS University of London, in the UK. – ranked first in London for teaching and learning facilities, the school offers excellent programmes related to contemporary world-issues. Best fit for those passionate about Arts and Humanities.
  • IE University, in Spain – offers a student-centred approach and is known worldwide for innovation in tech and teaching.
  • Centennial College, in Canada – leader in internationalisation, the school is all about education without borders.
  • Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University, in China and UK – largest joint venture university with a world-class campus in Suzhous, China, and a top international staff.
  • University of South Florida, in the U.S. – offers scholarships and great research facilities.

3. Find a subject that’s both in-demand and to your taste

The perfect Bachelor’s abroad is not only about the university, but about finding a discipline that matches your interests and prepares you for the most in-demand jobs. This discipline is at the intersection between your passion, what is needed on the market, and what you are good at.  For example, the most popular and the best study options career-wise are:

Now, you should think which of these fields appeals to you most and what your skills say you should study. You like Arts, but you are very good at Maths? Then maybe you should keep Art as a hobby.

You think Engineering is a good option, but you have great social skills? Maybe you could try a  Bachelor’s in Law focused on Patents and Intellectual property, because it combines both.

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4. Research where you’ll study your Bachelor’s

What’s going to influence your international student experience is going to be the country you choose. Aspects like language, culture, climate, and affordability are key.

That’s why, we can tell you that the best countries to do your Bachelor’s are:

  • Canada – has 4 cities in top best 30 student cities worldwide and great international culture. Climate is colder, but it’s worth it.
  • Australia – has 5 cities in top 30 student cities worldwide, it’s warm, and multicultural. Just perfect.
  • Germany – has 2 cities in top 30 student cities worldwide, and is one of the most affordable countries with a rich history and culture.
  • Italy – has 2 great student cities, a lively student community and affordable living costs.
  • Spain – has at least 3 great student cities, is very affordable, and promises an amazing social culture.

5. Find Bachelors from countries with cheap tuitions

If you’re lucky enough and get a scholarship or you are from an EU country studying in another EU country, you can relax and enjoy low or zero tuition fees. However, this is not the case for many international students. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye open for those countries that have the best tuition fees options. These are:

  • Scandinavian countries - countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden, or Denmark have very low or no tuition fees for international students, but the living costs here are considerably higher.
  • Southern European countries – Spain, Italy, France, or Portugal all practise low tuition fees for foreign students starting at about 500 EUR/year.
  • Germany – Germany is one of the countries with the lowest tuition fees in Central Europe. Bachelors at public universities here are free, while the costs at private universities start at 3,000 EUR/year.

6. Check for the best graduate jobs opportunities

We don’t need to be mind-readers to know that if you choose to do an international Bachelor’s, you may be thinking about remaining in that country after graduation.

Many times, staying in the country you do your Bachelor’s depends on visa requirements and getting a work permit. According to Business Insider, some of the best job options for international graduates are in:

  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong

7. Consider studying an online Bachelor’s degree

If you’re not quite sure that a full-time undergraduate degree is for you because of money, family, work, friends, or any other reason, you can still feel like an international student by doing an online Bachelor’s.

To make sure you get the best of a distance learning experience, you should check if the programmes are accredited, if they offer the courses you want, and the digital facilities required to give you the best online experience. Some universities that check all these aspects are at:

Alternatively, you can check out popular online Bachelor's disciplines:

Saddle up and pick the best Bachelor’s that fits you

In the end, doing a great Bachelor’s about depends on getting that perfect mix between what you want and what’s on the academic market. Now you have the key tools that will make ‘shopping for an international Bachelor’s’ that much easier. Whatever country and programme you choose, remember to keep a positive and flexible attitude and enjoy your studies there. 

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