Bachelor's Degrees at Tuition-Free Universities in Norway, Germany, Finland, and Sweden 2021

Aren’t free things awesome? Even when you get a huge discount on a completely useless item, you feel inclined to buy it, but, when it’s free, suddenly, that urge is tripled.

Well, what if we told you that studying abroad can come free, as well? The world has a handful of tuition-free universities, and we managed to create a nifty list of countries that have your back covered and offer great free Bachelor’s degrees.

Find Bachelors in Norway, Germany, Finland, and Sweden

So, let's have a look at these countries, shall we?

Tuition-free universities offering Bachelors in Norway

No matter if you’re from the EU or not, all public universities in Norway offer free tuition, for everything from Bachelor’s degrees to Master's degrees and even PhDs.

Still, students will have to pay a semester fee of around 30 or 65 EUR, in order to get a library card, a student ID, free access to sporting facilities, and so forth. Although the fee has to be paid in order for you to take exams, that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful or it’s wasted money: with this semester fee, you will have health care covered, as well as a lot of discounts all over the country and city.

In order to make your life easier, we collected a few universities with free Bachelor’s programmes in Norway. These are:

Examples of subjects to study for free in Norway

Norway has a vast market of disciplines and Bachelor’s degrees, but, based on our data, we managed to find the most popular fields for international students. These are:

International student experiences in Norway

Studying in Norway is very exciting and cold, if all the stories are to be believed. If you’re not yet convinced you should adventure yourself in the Scandinavian Peninsula, you can read:

And, to help you further, we can recommend you check out these major cities from Norway:

Study abroad in Europe

Tuition-free universities offering Bachelors in Germany

Germany may be the only Western European country on this list, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. All international students are allowed to follow a free tuition Bachelor’s degree in Germany, your country of origin not having any importance here.

Still, just like Norway, you will have to pay a modicum semester fee, in order to get access to all facilities and enjoy a truly international student experience in Germany. The tuition fee is usually between 150 and 250 EUR and covers a semester-long bus ticket, administration costs, the cafeteria and sports area.

In Germany, public universities are those who can exempt you from paying tuition fees. Some of the universities that offer free Bachelor’s degrees are:

Still, private organisations, although not free, still offer great Bachelor’s programmes and really low fees. Some of the cheapest ones are:

Examples of subjects to study for free in Germany

Germany is one of the leading countries when it comes to universities, facilities, innovations, and inventions. Because it made such a great name, there’s no wonder that the majority of international students choose to go and study:

International student experiences in Germany

We can’t attest to the quality of life and student’s satisfaction rate being greater than in the Northern countries, but we can safely assume the climate is warmer. Still, you can either check out some facts about studying in Germany, or you can read:

Also, some of the cities you should definitively check out for tuition-free Bachelor’s degrees are:

Tuition-free universities offering Bachelors in Finland

Although Finland used to offer free tuition fees for all international students, things have changed now, seeing as only EU/EEA students are offered free college tuition.

If you’re a non-EU/EEA student, you will have to check your choice university, to see how much you will need to pay, as tuition fees may vary from organisation to organisation or even programme to programme. We’re sorry we don’t have better news.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed and you’re not sure where to start looking for a degree, we want to suggest these universities with free tuition Bachelor’s programmes:

Examples of subjects to study for free in Finland

Finland is a popular destination for international students, especially because they offer so many disciplines from which to choose from. Still, the most popular are:

International student life in Finland

Finland is a great place to get your undergraduate degree. If you know where to start from, you can find a great degree, that suits your needs and plans for the future. That’s why we recommend you start searching you Bachelor’s degree in cities like:

Tuition-free universities in Europe

Tuition-free universities offering Bachelors in Sweden

Sweden has the same type of education system as Finland, meaning that EU/EEA students are exempt from paying tuition fees, while the rest of the international students have to cover their tuition costs. Also, the price for Bachelors varies depending on the university you choose so there’s no standard sum you will have to prepare or cover.

Sweden has a great collection of public and private universities. Out of these, some that offer free tuition costs are:

Examples of subjects to study for free in Sweden

If you’re still not sure what you should opt for a Bachelor’s degree, now that you decided to go and study in Sweden, we’re here to help!

Some of the most popular programmes for international students are:

International student life in Sweden

Because we want to be fair and help you give Sweden a chance, we can definitively recommend these great cities to research, and maybe find a great Bachelor’s degree in them:

Besides these examples, you should know that, although other countries don’t have free tuition fees, certain living costs and expenses can, actually, help you save money.

So, remember, budget accordingly, and your years as an undergraduate student will be as easy as possible.

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