What Can I Become with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design?

Beyond the stylish and glamorous lifestyle of fashion designers, there are always fierce competitions and challenges around every corner. However, no day is like the other and there is no chance of getting bored in the world of fashion. If you’ve always been passionate about fashion and experimented with bold clothing styles, you’re likely cut out for a career in Fashion Design.

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The fashion industry is, by all means exciting, not to mention you can grab the opportunity of designing clothes for famous people. Check out the diverse careers you can choose from after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design:

1. International fashion designer

I know this is stating the obvious and the reason why you would want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in fashion design: to become a fashion designer. You were so inspired by the work of Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney or even the legendary Coco Chanel that you just want to follow their footsteps and build a memorable name in the fashion industry.

However, it’s time you know more details about the typical work of a fashion designer. Normally, you would specialise in one area of fashion design such as women clothing, sportswear or even creating shoes or accessories.

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In the beginning, (that is before you own a fashion house with your name, label, logo and everything), you will work for a fashion brand and will be involved in designing sketches and make textile patterns based on a given theme. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for visiting manufacturers, selecting the right fabrics, colours for each clothing piece and accessory.

Apart from working for a big fashion name, you can also find jobs in costume design for theatre, film or television.

After years of experience, you can become a true fashion designer and bring your ideas and designs to life. You won’t have to do sketches and patterns any longer (unless you want to); you’ll just oversee and manage the design, production and manufacturing of fashion items and all other departments of the company.

2. Fashion merchandiser/buyer

Just as the title sounds, you would have to be a fashion shopping expert and also have the skills of a medium. That is predicting fashion trends before they actually hit the streets.

What you’ll have to do is: do thorough research, make a shopping list and then buy fabrics, textiles and fashion items that you know for sure your company’s clients and consumers will buy.

In addition to having an eye for details, the fashion merchandiser job also implies a business sense and a knack for numbers. That’s right! You’ll have to do a little math, respect a set budget for what you’ll have to buy and take into consideration how much a customer is willing to spend on a certain fashion item.

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3. Fashion marketing or PR specialist

Whether working for a famous fashion brand or a new one that is just waiting to come out on the fashion scene, handling the marketing or the PR department will be quite challenging. The image of the brand you’re representing falls on your shoulders so you’ll have to make sure it is very well represented.

From spreading the word about the upcoming fashion events the company will attend and the latest products it launched, to creating advertising campaigns in order to help sales, you’ll have to know consumer habits really well.

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4. Fashion journalist or blogger

If you’re a fashion addict, your house must be filled with glossy fashion magazines. So remember those amazing articles about fashion trends and fashion designers you’ve been reading in Vogue, Elle, and InStyle? Well, if you enjoy writing as much as you love dresses, shoes and handbags, you can combine the two and write about these every day.

If you’re really good, in a few years, you can become the editor in chief of a well-known magazine.

When it comes to fashion blogs, well...they are such a trend these days! Creating a blog is picnic and then, you just have to keep on posting interesting news and stuff to attract thousands of readers. Remember to take pictures, lots of pictures to anything you see and can be related to fashion and post them on your blog with comments.

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5. Fashion product manager

If you want to stay as close as possible to the fashion industry and can easily prove you’re a responsible and trustworthy person, then the fashion product manager is the job for you.

This is a multitasking job and you’ll be like the right hand of a fashion designer, helping him/her with the entire logistics and event planning.

Your responsibilities will include overseeing production at clothing factories, and making sure everything is in order with the fashion collection. You will have to manage the inventory and organise all the details for the fashion and runway shows.

As you may have guessed, the production manager job involves a lot of travelling, so one day you’ll be in Milan and the next day in Paris.

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Choose your matching career in the fashion industry

Whatever you choose or end up doing in the amazing fashion world, you may encounter a few obstacles, but the reward will be all worth it. Fashion is an exciting field where you’ll always have to prove you’re the best, and put your creative brain at work. Your thriving career should start with a professional training so find your suitable Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design!

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