What Can I Become With a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering?

Were you fascinated by cars ever since you could remember? Did you always like to have a look under the hood while a mechanic was fixing them?

Well, being a mechanical engineer can be very exciting these days, as you can be a part of the technological innovations, such as developing the next generation of electric cars and new technologies for robotics. As a mechanical engineer, you could get involved in the processes of design, manufacturing, testing and even in the sales department of a product or device.

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Here’s how you can take the first steps to become the next Ford with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Universities where to apply for an exciting Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree

For Bachelor's level, you can pick from a variety of Mechanical Engineering degrees, depending on your skills and interests, including:

  • Electromechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering in Rail Systems
  • Mechanical and Medical or Energy Engineering
  • Sustainable Production& Mechanical Engineering

But regardless of what you choose going for the right university will make the whole of a difference in your study abroad experience. Some very cool universities for a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering are:

Mustafa, who studied a degree in Engineering at Tallinn University described his experience as follows:  “…professors and lecturers are easy to approach and are always more than willing to assist with academics and some other important issues regarding studies.”

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After graduation, you can work in almost all sectors of the engineering industry. You can find jobs in aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, electronics, or metal industries, and more.

After several years of experience, you can even land jobs in areas like finance and management. Have a look at the career options after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering:

1. Materials engineer

Materials engineers develop, process, and test materials used in creating products like computer chips and biomedical devices. They study the characteristics and structures of metals, ceramics, plastics, nanomaterials and other substances and create new materials by applying certain mechanical, electrical, and chemical principles.

2. Consultant or researcher in a manufacturing company

The knowledge and expertise of a mechanical engineer can be of great help in the field of manufacturing (aerospace, automotive industry etc.), as they can share their expertise about various equipment and devices in terms of safety, health and environmental properties. They can also work in research labs in various companies and come up with technological innovations in the mechanical engineering industry.

3.  Patent law Expert

Your Mechanical Engineering skills can get you a job in the patent law industry where you can decide whether an engineering invention is worth being patented. This job requires knowledge of patent law and the ability to make connections between engineering and patents.

4. Non-engineering careers

Several employers look for the analytical, complex problem solving and mathematical skills of mechanical engineers, so you could find work opportunities in supply chain and logistics, finance, management areas. Usually, after at least a few years of work experience working as a mechanical engineer, you can advance to careers that are more focused on business or sales operations.

Mechanical engineering salaries and job projections

Some fields like biotechnology, materials science, and nanotechnology are expected to create new job opportunities for mechanical engineers. Starting salaries for fresh graduates are about 50,000 USD/ year in most developed countries. But in time, it gets better!  Here’s how the average pay looks like for mechanical engineers around the world:

  • The United States: 66,890 USD/year
  • Germany: 47,884 EUR/year
  • The United Kingdom:  29,726 GBP/year
  • Canada: 63,592 CAD/ year
  • Australia: 72,106 AUD/year

Mechanical engineering jobs require a lot of responsibility, but they are also very versatile, providing you with a wide palette of career options. So, if you can see yourself working in this interesting field, start applying to a degree in mechanical engineering.

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