What Can I Become with a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering?

Are you thinking about studying for a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering? You're not the only one. Thousands of students around the world enrol in this broad Engineering subdiscipline. After graduation, you'll be able to choose from a wide range of high-paid jobs which are available in various industries.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most popular Mechanical Engineering jobs. We'll talk about salaries, main tasks, and responsibilities. Hopefully, in the end, you'll know if studying and working as a mechanical engineer is the right choice for you.

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After graduation, you can work in almost all sectors of the engineering industry. You can find jobs in aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, electronics, or metal industries, and more.

The best Mechanical Engineering schools

Before looking at popular jobs for mechanical engineers, check out the best Mechanical Engineering schools based on the ranking created by TopUniversities:

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Now, let's take a closer look at the best mechanical engineering jobs and the average salaries in the US, based on data from Glassdoor:

1. Materials Engineer – 68,320 USD/year

  • Select the best materials (material combination) based on the project requirements
  • Test how well materials resist to external factors like heat, friction, corrosion, etc.
  • Design, create, test, and improve prototypes
  • Research new ways to improve the manufacturing process and reduce the wear and tear of machinery and materials
  • Check the overall quality of the materials and products and ensure they meet quality standards

2. Automotive Engineer – 72,320 USD/year

  • Create, edit, and improve designs using CAD (computer-aided design) software
  • Test the performance, integrity, and safety of new components and prototypes
  • Write reports and provide insights on materials, costs, deadlines, and project challenges
  • Collaborate with other engineers working in areas like supply chain management, industrial plants, and others

Mechanical Engineering student working on a project

3. Maintenance Engineer – 65,480 USD/year

  • Create, evaluate, and improve maintenance strategies and procedures
  • Swap old parts with new ones and check the safety and stability of mechanical systems
  • Estimate and record the costs of maintenance tools and processes
  • Respond to emergencies and requests for urgent repairs
  • Ensure the availability of spare parts, equipment, and tools

4. Marine Engineer – 73,820 USD/year

  • Create, assess, and improve designs for new water vessels
  • Design propulsion and other mechanical systems for various watercraft (boats, cargo ships, submarines, etc.)
  • Design, create, and test prototypes based on the project/client's needs and requirements
  • Collaborate with ship engineers and other professionals in the field

5. Aerospace Engineer – 79,700 USD/year

  • Work on the development of aircraft, spaceships, satellites, weapon systems, etc.
  • Oversee the construction, assembly, and installation of components (e.g. engines)
  • Evaluate craft and spaceships based on criteria like manoeuvrability, speed, take-off distance, rate of climb, etc.
  • Improve efficiency and safety by reducing fuel consumption, adding security features, changing materials, and so on.

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The job outlook for mechanical engineers

Based on the constant development of new machinery and technologies, it's safe to assume that mechanical engineers won't have to worry about their jobs in the years to come. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the US alone, there will be a 4% increase in this area through 2029.

Mechanical Engineering jobs require a lot of responsibility, attention to detail, and technical know-how, but they are also very versatile, providing you with a wide variety of career options. If you can see yourself working in this exciting field, the path starts with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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