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University of the Aegean

3.2 out of 5 (16 ratings / 15 reviews) Mytilíni, Greece
The University of the Aegean (UAegean) was founded in 1984 aiming to introduce new approaches in higher education in Greece and worldwide and to promote regional development. Situated in 6 picturesque islands in the Aegean Archipelago, the UAegean offers a unique natural, cultural and human environment for modern studies in the ancient cradle of knowledge.

Bachelor's programmes



The University of the Aegean (UAegean) was founded in 1984.


In less than thirty years, the UAegean has evolved into an international research –oriented University offering 18 undergraduate (BA or BSc) and 28 postgraduate (MA or MSc) programmes in modern interdisciplinary thematic areas such as environment, communication systems, cultural informatics, product design, food and nutritional sciences, education design and Mediterranean studies.

In addition, the UAegean has established joined international postgraduate programs (i.e. in Biodiversity, Environmental Policy and Management, European Integration) as well as joined PhD degree programmes in a wide range of thematic areas.


Apart from offering modern and qualitative education, the University of the Aegean nurtures and promotes basic and applied research. The University's co - operation with Greek and foreign Universities, Research Centres and Corporations, its well-equipped laboratories, the high quality of Academic and Research Staff have contributed to significant results that the University of the Aegean has shown in this domain.

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Library services

The Library and Information Center of the University of the Aegean is a library network and is the only one in Greece that has branches on six islands. The Library is a member of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link and develops collaborations with other libraries in Greece and abroad.

Student Life

Campus life

Every year, The University of the Aegean organises a good number of conferences, scientific meetings and events in which distinguished scientists, scholars and artists participate. The organisation of the various conferences, meetings and events aim at exchanging ideas and information about the scientific domains relevant to the University's teaching and scientific activities.

Moreover, the University of the Aegean has created an infrastructure to support students' needs and promote culture, civilization and sports on the boarder islands of the Archipelago (i.e. the Aegean Sea), encouraging and nurturing the development of free expression and improvisation.

Student clubs

From its foundation until today, there is a great number of active student groups in the University Aegean, promoting culture and sorts on the border islands of the Archipelago (i.e. the Aegean Sea) and nurturing freedom of speech and improvisation.

Student Reviews

Better late than never
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

I studied at a small, regional university with a few students. I really enjoyed the experience. The fact that we could be in contact with our teachers any time was highly beneficial. The studies content was also very varied and, although I had posponed my graduation for many years, I managed to get my diploma.

Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

In university we focus a lot in programming our courses includes c,c++, java,python etc but I really enjoy writing with C#

Anonymous rated 1 out of 5 stars


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