Top reasons to study here

  • An international environment. This experience brings students into contact with people from all over the globe and increases their network.
  • Our teaching style focuses on small groups of academic discussion, that place emphasis on students' opinions and experience.
  • Studying here you will improve your language skills and benefit in both an academic and social environment.

Bachelor's programmes

Business & Management (1)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (1)



Alfred Nobel Open Business School Switzerland is a private higher education institution. We are located in Zürich where students are able to study in one of the most important economic and political centres of the world. Trainings are available both full-time and online. Our system can be recognized as a British-owned system with centralized management. 


Business schools are reserved for those people who wish to pursue careers such as CEOs, bankers, financial consultants, etc. More and more scholars are looking for courses with the hope of creating high-impact future careers. At Alfred Nobel Open Business School we are focused on business plan, social entrepreneurship, risk management and finance courses that enhance the students' skills for achieving the position they wish.

Our vision and mission

 The philosophy of ANOBS : practical training, issuance of marketable professionals who are eager for success.

Our policies:

  • Arousing desire for knowledge
  • Practice orientation
  • Acquisition of available knowledge
  • Marketability
  • Professionalism


Economic Systems.

Study of the trade among countries and the flow of finance across international borders.

Health, Education and Welfare.

Researchers focus on the markets and state policies that shape access to health care while other focus on educational policies.

Business administration.

Study the decisions made by the organisations. How do companies maximize profit? What prices should  they set and how much should  they produce?


Business Management BSc.

Management scholars find jobs in a range of professions including marketing, sales, finance, retail, commercial, industrial and public management sectors. 

Hospitality Management BSc.

Scholars find jobs in a range of professions including hotel operations , event management, airlines, amusement parks, casinos.

Postgraduate studies.

MBAs in Business or Hospitality are also popular choices, allowing graduates to improve and develop expertise in a range of topics.

Doctor in Business Administration DBA.

DBA students find jobs in a range of professions including private business, not-for-profit enterprises, higher education, research institutions.


Student services

ANOBS  believes in making the best modern technology available to support your studies, so you can:

  • Use the electronic learning environment that Moodle platform gives to students 
  • Find all your study information (schedules, room numbers, etc.) on the Moodle platform.

Library services

The Alfred Nobel Open Business School's Library offers to students an easy access to a wide range of information, which can be booked through their own Moodle profile.

ICT services

Students and staff of our Business School have priority access to the projector screens in our facilities and classrooms (use by the community is based on 'guest access' availability)Guest access to the internet is available in our facilities and classrooms to all members of the community.

Student Life

Campus life

All the facilities are located in the same building. We have different conference rooms and class rooms where students can attend their classes or receive seminars.

Nearby the School we have many supermarkets and a train station. 



Awards for Training and Higher Education provides centres with a wide variety of qualifications. 


The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) is the UK’s leading specialist professional awarding body for qualifications in the growing hospitality and tourism sector. 


World Certification Institute (WCI) is a global certifying body that grants credential awards to individuals as well as accredits courses of organisations.


ISO 9001 – Regulated Quality Management

ISO 29990 – Management System regarding Learning Systems