Top 3 reasons to study here

  • All Met Film School tutors are industry professionals.
  • Option to study a year of the degree in Berlin, then complete the second year in Met Film School London.
  • All courses are taught in English with an emphasis on intensive, practical experience



Met Film School Berlin is based at BUFA; Berliner Union-Film GmbH and Co Studio KG, the studio that has been home to film productions since the Weimar Republic and is one of the oldest film studios in Europe. Some of the more recent productions are: 007 Skyfall, 28 days and many other films.


  • YouTube Space @ Met Film School Berlin: Home to the most creative people in Germany, this space helps to foster creativity, entrepreneurship and partnership with top video creators.
  • Creative collaborations: YouTube creators will learn from the production and technical expertise of Met Film students, and on the other hand film students can learn from YouTube creators on building their own channel.


  • 82% of graduates from our undergraduate courses are working within the creative industries, in a broad range of roles. (Met Film School Annual Graduate Survey 2015.)

Bachelor's programmes

Arts, Design & Architecture (3)


ICT services

  • Studio Facilities: Met Film School Berlin offers state-of-the-art studio facilities for our students including the latest high-quality cameras, lenses, camcorders, microphones and lights.


Met Film School’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses are accredited by the University of West London and are given the highest possible rating by The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education and the Creative Skillset.

Other Degrees

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