H-FARM is an innovative platform focused on supporting the development of new business model, as well as enhancing and guiding the digital transformation of already existing firms.H-FARM Education is H-FARM didactic-oriented division and focuses on the development of innovative programs both for students, firms and entrepreneurs.

Bachelor's programmes

Business & Management (1)
Computer Science & IT (1)



Through the use of the English language, digital experimentation and an interactive didactic model, this project offers a completely new method of learning, which is applied to the current educational programs of the H-International School (from primary to high school), the H-Digital Transformation School of business (university-level and Masters programs) and H-Digital Design School.

H-CAMPUS is also home to H-ART, Big Rock and Shado.


H-CAMPUS houses three schools in which educational activities are conducted, and is also home to the startups, H-ART, Big Rock and Shado. Students can take part in an international program that allows them access to university-level education one year in advance, compared to the traditional Italian scholastic system. The heart of the didactic programs focus on the impact of digital transformation on professions and businesses, with particular emphasis on design and the jobs of the future.


Student services

H-CAMPUS accelerates services in the local area. The presence of a vibrant, bustling community generates a host of benefits:

  • modifying the way in which the territory is used: increasing public services, introducing bike and carsharing programs, building new infrastructures, encouraging the use of public transportation and limiting the use of private cars;
  • direct services for citizens: training courses, workshops, conferences, cultural events and many other programs devoted to both enrollees and the local, as well as non-local, public.

Housing services

We offer our students several different residential solutions for their academic career. Our Housing Office assists students in choosing the best housing solution for each individual student, both “on-campus” and “off-campus".

Student Life

Campus life

  • Campus facilities: from its libraries to its park, use of its soon to be built sports facilities, to the use of the “food corner” network that will be launched in the area.