Savonia University of Applied Sciences

Savonia University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest and most versatile Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. Our organization of experts educates strong professionals in six different fields of study.

Top reasons to study here

  • Top Employability in Finland after graduation!
  • Accredited by FINEEC. Recognised for excellence by EFQM, as the very first one in Finland.
  • Long history in education in English; since 1994.

Bachelor's programmes

Computer Science & IT (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Medicine & Health (1)



Established in 1992 as universities of applied sciences were formed in Finland. Specific schools have long history in education; engineering school 130 years, business school 130 years and social and health care 120 years already. The respective schools were founded at their time to meet the needs of the local society and the need has definitely not diminished since then.


Savonia follows OIS-learning concept, which connects the staff, students and the surrounding society together from the very first day of studies. Practical skills and up-to-date knowledge are our goals, thus we stay away from dusty archives. We live and breathe "Influence and Impact", and that includes the lives of our students, our staff and their professionalism and the life of the surrounding society.

Our Programmes consist of versatile learning methods, internships and international experiences. They offer the students the opportunity to study as a full-time student or alongside their job (Master’s Degree and specialised studies) or flexibly in the Open University of Applied Sciences.


Savonia has selected four areas of focus for education and research, development and innovation (RDI). Each focus has a respective leading edge in RDI. Research is undertaken in collaboration with enterprises and other organizations. Savonia University of Applied Sciences brings in perspectives to market, innovation potential of customers and end-users, national and internaltional development of the sector, and the latest research knowledge. In RDI projects, Savonia forms the link from regional livelihoods and services into the best practices and newest knowledge in the world.

Our RDI priorities are:

  • Water safety
  • Applied wellbeing technology
  • Responsible food production
  • Innovative engineering and energy industries


According to the Education Statistics Finland Savonia is top of the line in graduate employability in Finland. Just as we want it to be. Due to our learning approach our graduates can actually do things and not just refer to theory, and that results as the high employability rate.

Our counselling and advisory services help the students to start building their professional path. Each student is nominated with a teacher tutor, someone who knows the students inside and out and is able to assist in planning the future career. Our curricula give room to personalisation according to the interests of the student and thus enable a variety of different focuses in the future professional lives. 


Student services

The Student Services of Savonia University of Applied Sciences provides guidance and counselling to its students in study related matters. In addition, the Student Services located in different campuses support students' well-being in their everyday life.

Housing services

  • KUOPAS (Kuopio Student Housing Company)

KUOPAS provides accommodation for students and their families (spouses and children) in the Kuopio area. Kuopas has 40 apartment buildings around the town situated 0.5 - 10 km from the city center. Please notice that a monthly bus ticket costs about 50 euros, which you might have to add to the living costs.

Tekman Tuki association rents rooms and apartments for students of Savonia University of Applied Sciences (mainly for students in the School of Engineering and Technology).

Library services

The Library is open for everybody however, the staff and the students of Savonia University of Applied Science are the primary customers. You can have borrowing privileges and a library card after you have proved your identity. By doing it you are committed to the library regulations and instructions. Please note, the library card is personal and so its use. 

Student Life

Campus life

Savonia Campuses are located in three cities: Kuopio, Varkaus and Iisalmi.

Varkaus is an industrial town of 22000 inhabitants with plenty of international industry, thus ideal for energy engineering studies.

Iisalmi is a rural town hosting Savonia's agricultural department as well as social studies.

Kuopio is a lively administrative "capital" of Eastern Finland. Inhabiting ~120 000 people out which 25% are students it offers versatile activities within sports, culture, nature and education. All the Kuopio campuses are located a short walk away from the city center which offers all the possible distractions a student might need during their studies.

Sports facilities

Savonia is proud to be part of Syketta- university sports programme. The programme offers a wide variety of different kinds of sports and exercise for the occasional participant as well as to the more dedicated expert. From pilates to hockey, from indoor football to hot yoga and from taekwon-do to dancing, all with one membership card. Your schedule is really the only limit in what you can and cannot do! Plus, you can also enjoy watching professional sports; Kuopio is the proud home of Kalpa Hockey Club and KuPS FC, both in the Finnish Premier Leagues of said sports. Occasionally you will get to see ski jumping, Finnish baseball, marathon runners and even wife carrying contests.

Student clubs

The Student Union of Savonia University of Applied Sciences (SAVOTTA) is a non-political service and support organisation for all students of Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Savonia UAS). SAVOTTA is an autonomous, public corporation. It is founded by the law of the Universities of Applied Sciences. According to the law, the Student Union is part of the University of Applied Sciences and its mission is to act on behalf of the students and as their representative.


Accredited by FINEEC.

Recognised for excellence by EFQM as the very first in Finland.

Student Reviews

An ok experience
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

I like the field I'm studying overall, and we had a good team spirit with the other students, since we were all very like-minded. My friends were the biggest reason why I continued to study at this facility and didn't change cities. However, I don't think the teaching reached the level it should in an university. When I commit my time and money to study my future career, I...

Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

Studies are ok but teachers are bit lacking. Finnish culture is way different to normal european culture.

Industrial Designer
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

Industrial Design studies teached me how to use Engineering and Design elements in order to create products that look great and function perfectly. Studying Industrial Design gave me a keen eye for detail, precision, a sense of beauty, and problem-solving skills.

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