Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Windesheim is one of the top 3 Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. The very modern campus with state-of-the-art study and sports facilities is based near the beautiful old city centre of Zwolle. The student accomodation is at biking distance, and is quite easy available at affordable prices. Zwolle is a safe city, with friendly inhabitants, only one hour's drive from Amsterdam.

Top reasons to study here

  • According to experts and students, Windesheim belongs to the top three of Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, for already many years in a row.
  • Students appreciate our personal approach: small classes, you are not just a number, lecturers are coaches as well and we care for your success.
  • Our programmes are very practice-oriented. We work in close collaborations with businesses/institutions. From the 1st day on you work in projects for companies.

Bachelor's programmes

Business & Management (2)
Social Sciences (1)



Windesheim was founded in 1880. Windesheim as it currently exists was formed in 1986 as the result of the merger of several education providers. The merger was a process take took place over a number of years years with more and more institutions joining.


Windesheim offers study programmes in the following disciplines: business, engineering, ICT, education, health, journalism. The majority of the approx. 60 degree programmes are in the Dutch top three. Our English taught programmes focus on business:

  • International Business.
  • Sustainable Business (Global Project and Change Management): the best international programme according to 'Keuzegids HBO'. 

The university provides flexible learning opportunities leading to broad-based qualifications. Our lecturers challenge students to reflect and think critically and get the best out of themselves. Windesheim is also renowned for its innovative and entrepreneurial approach. 


Windesheim specializes in practical, hands-on applied research, organized in close consultation with the professional field. Our research has the following themes: 

  • Education 
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Exercise and Sport 
  • Health and Social Work 
  • ICT 
  • Media 
  • Technology 
  • Theology.


In the Zwolle area, there is a lot of employment for our international students.

Graduates International Business:

  • International project manager
  • International business developer
  • Account manager
  • (Online) marketing manager
  • Export manager
  • Head of international sales
  • Director of the marketing department
  • Executive secretary
Graduates Global Project and Change Management:
  • Project manager/advisor at international NGOs like Red Cross and Doctors without Borders
  • Project manager in slave-free clothing or food industry or for businesses aiming to introduce sustainable production
  • Project manager/advisor with governments or political institutions
  • Project manager reducing food waste in cities or at large popular events
  • Social entrepreneur.


Student services

If you have any questions about our study programmes, internships, enrollment procedure, entry requirments, teaching methods, etc., please contact our staff / Student Assistants:

  • Global Project and Change Management: Email: Phone: +31 88 469 84 00 
  • International Business: E-mail: Phone: +31 88 469 90 03

Housing services

If you come to study at Windesheim, you will need somewhere to live. Dutch students normally live in privately rented accommodation. However, finding the right place isn't easy for someone who is new to the country. So Windesheim has its own student accommodation facilities and a Housing Service to help students from abroad get settled. Related to other Dutch cities, Zwolle is not very expensive, and student accomodation is quite easy to obtain. The accomodation is close to campus and the city centre.

Library services

Although nowadays most information can be found online, Windesheim also has a very functional library.

ICT services

At Windesheim our facilities are to support our students in their study career. Our students are in different places in our buildings: alone or working together in groups on projects. We have a lot of (ICT) facilities at your disposal.

Medical services

In case you need healthcare, our staff is at your disposal to help you find the right medical docters, dentists, psychological help, etc.

Student Life

Campus life

Windesheim has a very modern campus. The extensive on-site facilities include WIFI, lecture theatres, seminar rooms, digital language labs and lots of areas for group work. There are excellent computer rooms and a brand new multimedia library. A copy shop, shop for office supplies and a bike repair shop are at your disposal. The campus has several cafeterias and bars too. As well as physical amenities, Windesheim makes academic, psychological and spiritual support and guidance available to all its students.

Sports facilities

Windesheim offers excellent recreational facilities. There is a sports building with gyms, fitness rooms, a heated swimming pool, indoor football halls, a dojo and a climbing wall. All Windesheim students are entitled to use the sports facilities on campus at student rates.

Student clubs

Most departments at Windesheim have their own student societies, which organise activities such as lectures, theatre outings and club evenings.


  • Accredited by the NVAO.

Student Reviews

Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

Far Form perfect but the beat for fit for me at the moment.

Windesheim Honours College
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

The Windesheim Honours College at Windesheim University has the great programme of Global Project and Change Management. It is really good to get head in to project management, from my first day we had real life projects that we are able to execute. The programme is very practical and hands on, while also providing the knowledge needed to work with complex projects. With...

Discounts, teachers, schedule
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

The schedule can be organized better. More courses on the same day for 2 free days in the week. Also there should be some discounts for students for trains and entrace fees. The teachers shoukd be able to give us more details about the projects and more explicit feedbacks.

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