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Climate studies and meteorology deal with the analysis of weather conditions over larger periods of time and the study of the atmosphere. Climate studies are related to aerology, meteorology sciences and weather. After graduation, meteorology degrees lead to careers in research, information services and meteorological technology development and support.

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The U.S. is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has an internationally renowned education system, and offers a huge variety of English-language courses and speciality degrees.

91 Climate Studies & Meteorology Bachelor's degrees in United States

B.Sc. Atmospheric Sciences

The Atmospheric Science program, housed within the Department of Mathematical Sciences, provides valuable opportunities for students to enhance their educational experience in weather forecasting, research, and communication. 

Undergraduate Programs
B.Sc. Earth Sciences - Meteorology Emphasis

In UNC’s Earth and Atmospheric Sciences bachelor’s degree program, you’ll learn by doing. Our program stands out for its hands-on field work and research opportunities, providing you with advanced training and direct experience that’s often reserved for graduate students. You won’t merely study science; you’ll actively practice it. 

B.Sc. Meteorology

PSU’s Bachelor of Science in Meteorology is unique in the state of New Hampshire. Our meteorology program not only meets but exceeds all recommended American Meteorological Society guidelines for undergraduate degree programs.

B.A. Environmental Science

Ecological disruptions like the one mentioned above demonstrate the interconnectedness of each living thing to another. Our program gives you a deep knowledge of this interconnectedness and prepares you for a rewarding career that makes full use of your passion for the environment.

B.Sc. Atmospheric Sciences

The undergraduate program in atmospheric sciences gives students a strong quantitative undergraduate education in atmospheric, climate, and related sciences to understand the basic principles behind current and emerging issues in weather, climate variability, and climate change. 

B.Sc. Meteorology

The atmosphere is complex—and fascinating, which is why scientists have studied it for more than a century. Our setting on Lake Superior highlights this complexity, making it even more interesting. 

Bachelor Professional Meteorology

This program focuses on the study of atmospheric processes and climatic variability. Upon completion of the program (operational emphasis), students will have met the coursework requirements for the National Weather Service, the private meteorology sector, or they may continue their education in graduate school.

B.Sc. Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies degree program has an extensive suite of policy courses to choose from which will enable you to understand the public policy debates surrounding environmental issues. It integrates courses from the college’s four departments, to give you the foundation in Earth sciences needed to effectively participate in and impact those debates.

B.Sc. Atmospheric Sciences

The programme prepares students for careers in a wide range of disciplines within the atmospheric sciences including meteorology, environmental science, climate, remote sensing, atmospheric chemistry and other areas. The curriculum is tailored to achieve the student's long term educational goals, their career aspirations in atmospheric sciences and their general interests in the field.

B.A. Environmental and Sustainability Studies - Climate Change and Society

This innovative interdisciplinary program combines the study of human behavior and environmental science. It emphasizes the pivotal role that economic markets, politics, and human behavior play in creating and solving environmental problems. With an emphasis on social and environmental justice, it looks at the impact of sustainability programs on the global environment and human communities.

B.Sc. Earth Sciences BA

The faculty and students in the School of Earth Science investigate the history of our planet, its material structure and resources, and the processes that have driven its evolution and continue to shape our environments. They study the Earth’s interior and surface, its oceans, freshwaters and glaciers, its atmosphere and outer space, and their interactions with each other and with the biosphere.

B.Sc. Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science degree in three concentrations that prepare students for employment upon graduation or for further studies at the graduate level. Both the weather forecasting and climatology concentrations fulfill federal civil service requirements for employment as a meteorologist.

Bachelor Geoscience

In the Geoscience Department at HWS, a focus on science with complete immersion in the liberal arts provides students with a framework for developing knowledge, skills and independence. 

B.Sc. Meteorology

The BS Meteorology degree program is designed to develop meteorologists who, upon graduation, are ready to begin professional practice in the private sector or in government, or are ready to enter graduate programs in atmospheric science.

B.Sc. Meteorology, Concentration in Climate Science

The BS Meteorology, concentration in Climate Science program is designed to prepare students for careers in emerging fields of climate change studies and mitigation, and related fields including energy and carbon management. Graduating students will be ready to begin careers in the private sector or in government, or will be ready to enter graduate programs in the atmospheric/climate sciences.

B.Sc. Atmospheric Science/Meteorology

Are you fascinated by the weather? Do you find yourself wondering how it works, how scientists predict it, and what factors influence it? Do you enjoy applying physics and math?  Atmospheric Science majors study severe storms, climate change, and environmental impacts.

B.Sc. Atmospheric Sciences

Students with interest in severe weather, climate change, forecasting, broadcast meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, remote sensing, and many other areas may find a home in the Atmospheric Sciences. 

B.Sc. Earth Science - Meteorology

At California University of Pennsylvania, you will learn about the atmosphere in depth and explore the dynamic ways the  earth, climate and weather interconnect. In the Bachelor of Science in Earth Science degree program, the meteorology concentration will help you understand how incredibly challenging weather forecasting can be, especially under extreme atmospheric conditions. 

B.Sc. Applied Atmospheric Science

East Carolina University offers academic programs through traditional on-campus class attendance as well as by distance education classes offered via the Internet and at other locations. The Applied Atmospheric Science programme is offered at East Carolina University.

Bachelor Marine Science

Marine science is the study of the marine environment and its interactions with the earth, the biosphere, and the atmosphere. It is therefore an interdisciplinary science requiring knowledge of the principles of physics, geology and geophysics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology. 

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
B.Sc. Meteorology

Meteorology is the study of weather, climate, and the characteristics, structure, and processes of the atmosphere.

School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
B.Sc. Broadcast Meteorology

This program focuses on preparing students for a career as a Broadcast Meteorologist. The coursework does not meet the requirements for the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal of Approval because it lacks some of the math and physics requirements. Individuals can, however, be qualified to earn the National Weather Association's Seal of Approval after working in the industry for two years. 

Bachelor Physics - Meteorology

Physics/Meteorology is an interdisciplinary program in the departments of Geography, Mathematics, and Physics that is designed to prepare you for graduate training in the fields of meteorology, climatology, and atmospheric physics.

B.Sc. Meteorology

 Meteorology merged to form the Department of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Science (EOAS). This merger was an administrative move that had no effect on any of the degree programs in meteorology. FSU offers the most extensive undergraduate and graduate programs in meteorology of any university in the southeastern United States.

B.Sc. Atmospheric Sciences

The Atmospheric Sciences minor encompasses all aspects of the study of weather and climate, including the study of severe storms and other atmospheric systems that comprise day-to-day weather.

Bachelor Meteorology

Meteorology is the study of the atmosphere-the blanket of air covering the earth. Meteorologists study the atmosphere: physical characteristics, motions, and processes, and the way it affects the rest of our environment.

B.Sc. Meteorology

Meteorology is a rigorous scientific discipline devoted to the attainment of an increased understanding of the atmosphere and the development of methods for applying that knowledge to practical problems. Although this field is usually associated with weather prediction, it also has significance in environmental, energy, agricultural, oceanic, and hydrological sciences. For students wishing to pursue many of these areas, the department offers several options within the major.

College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
B.Sc. Geographic Information Science and Technology

East Carolina University offers academic programs through traditional on-campus class attendance as well as by distance education classes offered via the Internet and at other locations. Courses are offered in fall and spring semesters. The Geographic Information Science and Technology programme is offered at East Carolina University. 

Bachelor Atmospheric Science

Students in Atmospheric Science study the behavior of weather and climate while gaining experience in the analysis, interpretation, and forecasting of meteorological events. 

B.Sc. Geography

Frostburg State is uniquely suited to offer you a great geography program, reinforced with in-the-field projects, experience with the tools of the discipline and adventures out into the geologically rich mountains and diverse communities of Western Maryland.

B.Sc. Earth Science - Meteorology

The Earth Science Program at SESS offers degrees with options in the areas of Geology, Meteorology, Earth System Science, General Earth Science, Geological Science and Society, Atmospheric Science and Society, Ocean Science and Society, Earth Science Technology and Society, and K-12 Earth Science Teaching.

B.Sc. Meteorology

The Meteorology degree program from University of the Incarnate Word provides students with a comprehensive education research into the dynamics of the Earth’s atmosphere, weather analysis, and weather forecasting. 

University of the Incarnate Word School of Mathematics, Science and Engeneering
B.Sc. Meteorology

From tornadoes to hurricanes, from winter storms to droughts, the atmosphere affects our lives and livelihoods in ways both big and small. In the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, undergraduate students explore weather in all its many forms, as well as climate change, air quality, and many other atmospheric phenomena, all as viewed through the lens of the physical and chemical scientist.

B.Sc. Meteorology

The meteorology major in the Department of Geography prepares students for public, military, and private sector positions in atmospheric science and for graduate studies in meteorology, climatology, or atmospheric science.

B.Sc. Atmosphere, Oceans and Climate

With cyclones growing in frequency and ferocity, communities increasingly being threatened by landslides and extreme flood events, and melting permafrost endangering habitats, the need for research into the interconnected natural systems which combine to produce and influence climate is becoming more and more critical.

B.A. Human Dimensions of Climate Change

Anthropologists draw their data from all known human societies. Social anthropologists conduct extended periods of fieldwork in communities around the world; physical anthropologists and archaeologists reconstruct those of the past. As a result of this work, anthropologists have built up robust models and explanations of similarity and variance across cultures.  

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
B.Sc. Meteorology

Millersville University of Pennsylvania features a nationally recognized meteorology program with over 100 students. Located in scenic Lancaster County, the University's beautiful campus is home to approximately 7,500 students. Millersville Meteorology is a institutional member of the American Meteorological Society and an academic affiliate of the University Corporation of Atmospheric Research.

B.Sc. Applied Meteorology

The Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Meteorology provides a practical understanding of the physics and dynamics of the atmosphere and prepares the graduate for a range of meteorologist positions in government or industry.

College of Aviation
B.Sc. Meteorology

The University of Oklahoma’s School of Meteorology is among the largest in the nation, with over 250 undergraduates and 100 graduate students. The program is ranked first in the nation in mesoscale and severe storms research and is among the top seven programs overall.

B.A. Marine Sciences

The Bachelor’s degree programs in Marine Sciences at UConn are designed to inspire you intellectually and challenge you academically. The core of the curriculum integrates courses in marine biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. Students specialize in a subdiscipline of the marine sciences through upper level Marine Sciences electives and through independent study with Marine Sciences faculty. Student’s scientific training is bolstered with courses in policy, law, economics, and resource management of the oceans.

B.Sc. Atmospheric Sciences

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences is committed to offering a comprehensive undergraduate program that educates students in the basics of atmospheric science and prepares students for successful careers. 

B.Sc. Aviation Meteorology

Meteorology is the study of the Earth's atmosphere, a component of Earth system science, and a meteorologist is someone who predicts the weather based on the systems of the Earth's atmosphere. Meteorology students become experts in math and physics, build a comprehensive knowledge of meteorology and gain in-depth exposure to fields like oceanography, geology, space science, environmental science, climate science and atmospheric chemistry.

B.Sc. Meteorology

Oswego's meteorology major has a national reputation for producing professionals in the field. Meteorologists study the atmosphere and its physical and chemical characteristics and processes, weather patterns and climate. As the only state college on a Great Lake our location will let you experience and study weather phenomena like lake-effect snow and waterspouts.

B.Sc. Marine Sciences

The Bachelor’s degree programs in Marine Sciences at UConn are designed to inspire you intellectually and challenge you academically. The core of the curriculum integrates courses in marine biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. 

B.Sc. Broadcast Meteorology

The Broadcast Meteorology program from University of the Incarnate Word prepares students to learn about and interpret atmospheric phenomenon and meteorological data, gathered by surface and upper air stations, satellites, and radar to prepare reports and forecasts for public presentation. 

University of the Incarnate Word School of Mathematics, Science and Engeneering
B.Sc. Geography, B.A.

Study the geographic patterns of human activities or focus on the geography of weather and climate. Choose from four specializations: environment and society; urban, regional and global studies; climate and physical geography; spatial analysis.

B.Sc. Oceanography

The B.S. Oceanography program at Humboldt State University is designed specifically for students interested in pursuing professional, research or academic careers and/or advanced degrees in ocean sciences. Oceanography is a truly multidisciplinary field which is becoming more technological and global in its approach.

B.Sc. Atmospheric Science

The Atmospheric Science Program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe is the only degree program in Atmospheric Science in the entire state and provides an important career option for students.For almost a decade, the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors has designated the Atmospheric Science Program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe as a program of unique excellence.

B.Sc. Meteorology

The B.S. in Meteorology degree at WKU is the first and largest meteorology program in Kentucky or Tennessee that meets all the Federal Civil Service requirements (GS-1340) for employment by the National Weather Service and enables TV broadcast meteorologists to immediately pursue the "Certified Broadcast Meteorologist" program of the American Meteorological Society upon graduation.

B.Sc. Meteorology

Are you wired for weather? Do you wonder why weather changes when it does and what it is that keeps Michigan’s weather so unpredictable? Discover the answers in CMU’s meteorology program — the only such undergraduate degree in Michigan

B.Sc. Mathematics - Meteorology

This interdisciplinary program in the Departments of Geography, Mathematics, and Physics is designed to prepare students for careers in the fields of meteorology, climatology, and atmospheric physics. The program can be taken with an emphasis in geography, mathematics, or physics.

Bachelor Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric science majors from UC Davis have gone on to careers in federal and state government agencies, research and development in the private sector, and the broadcasting industry. About half of our graduates continue their education by seeking an M.S. or Ph.D. degree in atmospheric science.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences