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Jim Sanders Media And Leadership Scholarship

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2500 USD
United States
29 Mar 2024
Application deadline


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Merit and need based

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  • tuition fee reduction


James Sanders wasn’t known by that name. He wasn’t often called Jim. People working at the television stations in Sacramento, CA; Columbus, OH; San Diego, CA; and San Francisco, CA where he presided as news director knew him as Sanders. He was a leader, not just a manager.

As one former employee said about Sanders after his death in September 2015, “Sanders was all about integrity. From the choice and quality of the stories he put on the air to his mentoring of countless people in all areas of news, he operated from a base of encouragement, never negativity. From a heart full of courage instead of fear.

Sanders didn’t force you to do your best, he made you want to do your best. And he led by example, holdinghimself up to the highest standard and trusting that his people would rise to their highest potential. I am notunique in my love and admiration for this funny, charismatic, intelligent man; there are many of us whowould have followed Jim Sanders anywhere.”

The Jim Sanders Media And Leadership Scholarship is to honor and support the leaders of today and tomorrow among the California State University student population. 

Applicable programmes


The scholarship offers a $2,500 amount, to help you with your studies


  • This award is open to full-time currently enrolled or be entering a first semester as a student at a California State University campus and must hold a student status during the scholarship period.
  • Have an interest in journalism, news media, or communication 
  • Aspire to a career in news media, but can be interested in any aspect of the industry including engineering, sales, production (audio, video and sound editing, etc.), graphic design, human resources 
  • Currently enrolled or be entering a first semester as a student at a California State University campus and must hold a student status during the scholarship period 
  • Express current leadership qualities or the desire to be a leader in journalism, media, or communication

Scholarship requirements




United States



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High school




Application deadline

29 Mar 2024

Log into your CSUF portal and click on the “Scholarships” app on the left hand side. Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the 2023-2024 CSU Systemwide Scholarship Application.

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