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When you’re an engineer, you are part math wizard, part artist, and part scientist: you’re practically a unicorn. Engineering & Technology broadly deals with the maintenance and design of new devices, tools, and information systems, that society uses on a daily basis.

When you pursue a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Technology, you’re brought into the cutting-edge of innovative development, enabling you to shape the future of technology, industrial design, and applied sciences. Engineers require plenty of ingenuity and critical thinking skills, that allow them to contribute to the next industrial revolution.

Engineering & Technology contains a variety of sub-fields, including:

• Aerospace Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Computer Programming

Students who graduate with degrees in Engineering & Technology enter into the following careers:

• Industrial design
• Aerospace Engineering (“rocket science”)
• Civil Engineering
• Biomedical Engineers

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Suggested Bachelors in Engineering & Technology

B.Eng. Software Engineering

This Software Engineering degree programme is designed by the Tampere University of Applied Sciences to educate internationally oriented high-quality software engineering professionals who have the competence of software engineer, software developer or web application developer.

B.Eng. Electronic Engineering

Design engineers are innovators who develop products and the systems used to make them. The award-winning department will encourage you to aim high and achieve your design engineering ambitions.Electronic Engineering is offered at Middlesex University.

United Kingdom
B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence

In the Bachelor's programme in Artificial Intelligence in Nijmegen, you study how to make smart computers and robots. To do so, you learn how the human brain works, and how computer models can for their part help in brain research.

Bachelor Design and Technology

Delivering a sound knowledge of design from both a theoretical and a practical standpoint, the Western Sydney University Design and Technology degree leads to multiple career outcomes including product design, packaging, rapid prototyping, 3D modelling, exhibition design and secondary school teaching with additional qualifications.