5 Reasons to Study a B.Sc. in Computer Science in the USA in 2022

Whether your heart and mind are set on a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and IT, or you’re still weighing your options, you know that this particular subject is big. Our lives are so digitally connected that there isn’t one single industry where the skills of a smart programmer can’t be put to good use. 

Find Bachelors in IT in the U.S. 

If you get that there are 10 types of people in this world — those who know binary and those who don’t — then Computer Science is definitely for you.

And one of the must-go study destinations for international students looking to do undergraduate studies in Computer Science is the United States. The motherboard of Computer Science, the U. S.  attracts international students with great universities and study programmes as well as with exciting job prospects.

Here's why studying a Bachelor in Computers Science the USA is a good idea:

1. You can attend prestigious universities in the U.S.

Who hasn’t heard of MIT, Caltech, Stanford University, Georgia Tech, or Columbia University? These institutions are already country brands when it comes to higher education, particularly in IT.  But, since getting into one of these universities is the dream of every young coder around the world, the competition is fierce. 

The good news is that there are plenty of other places where you can study Computer Science that have great academic reputation in the U.S., among which:

You can also check out some of the American universities offering online Bachelors in Computer Science:

2. Less theory, more practice during Bachelors in IT

When it comes to studies in Computer Science, American universities focus on helping you gain the practical skills required to develop programmes and software. As a result, you will have fewer theoretical classes compared to projects and assignments. 

Furthermore, you are encouraged to join projects organised by the school or by your professors. These projects can either be paid or organised in the form of competitions – such as contests for app developers. 

3. Learn from experts about in-demand IT specializations 

As the U.S. is a hub of IT companies, it is no wonder that big industry names and IT experts hold courses and lectures on latest trends in Computer Science. Companies have a direct interest in sending their experts to teach at universities as they are often scouting for promising interns to join them — and you could be one of them. Some of the hottest specialisations from the field of Computer Science are: 

study computer science in US

4. Prepare for jobs of the future

And talking of latest trends, doing a Bachelor’s degree in the U.S. will definitely prepare you the jobs of the future. IT seemed futuristic when it first appeared, and look at it now. Here are the jobs you can look forward to with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science:

  • Digital Locksmith –  you’ll bypass security protocols when tech fails. Get ready to open smart cars, houses, and buildings with your Cyber Security knowledge.
  • Virtual Reality Designer – VR tech is one of the newest branches of Computer Science and is likely to remain popular. In the not so distant future, expect to find more jobs related to VR as people will be using it for checking a resort before booking and museums will try to reconstruct historical scenes. A series of video games will also be adapted to VR tech. 
  • Web Currency Advisor – if Bitcoin teaches us anything, it is that sooner rather than later more digital currencies will appear, and people will need IT and Finance experts of crypto-currencies, so they don’t lose their shirt over virtual money. A combination of Cyber Security and Finance studies will earn you a spot in this future industry. 
  • AI technician – the field of artificial intelligence is developing fast, and will continue to do so in the future. AI experts will be needed to design, manage and programme different forms of AI. 

5. Exciting careers anywhere in the world

Back to the present. Worldwide, Computer Science and IT are constantly developing and all industries require computer experts. In the U.S., there will be 200,000 new jobs in IT by 2020 – predictable given that all major IT companies are headquartered here. We’re talking Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook. It’s heaven for coders.

If, as an international graduate, it might be a bit difficult to remain in the U.S., the rest of the world is your oyster, and as a fresh graduate you can make about 48,000 USD/ year in most Western countries. 

Find Bachelors in Computer Science in U.S.

The most popular specialisations are software engineer, software developer, and programmer, but if you really want to shine, you should orient yourself to more interesting jobs like:

  •  UX Designer – you help improve the user experience when navigating sites by making them more easy to navigate.
  • Ethical Hacker – you’ll 'test-hack' software to make sure it is secure. You’ll be the ‘good guy’, paid to break into a network and give advice to prevent a real hacker from accessing it.
  •  Computer Network Architect – who said you need to study architecture to be an architect? As an IT architect you will design, implement, and keep networking and data communication systems, based on the needs of your company.
  • Big Data Analyst – get ready for mining the net for data so that you can find out more about users' behaviour. Your job will be to work with large sets of data and find market trends and consumer preferences. Big data is becoming a huge deal these days as companies like Google and Facebook have turned it into an advantage. 

Other IT jobs with very good employment prospects and with an interesting twist are:

  • Video Game Tester
  • Mobile App Developer

A Computer Science menu includes learning to create apps, video games, cyber security systems, web pages, and many more. If these options sound like something you’d like to be doing all day, then start applying to Bachelor’s in Computer Science in the U.S. and get ready for a meeting with the future. 

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