Top 3 Bachelors in Business to Help You Build Up a Prosperous Career Early On

Andre Maurois once said: “Business is a combination of war and sport”. You have to battle and beat the rivals and always strive to be the best. That involves first setting up a strategy and then getting into action. So if you envision yourself as a problem-solver and entrepreneur, the key strategy would be to enrol in a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management.

Why would this be a wise decision? Particularly, if you are a very determined person and aspire to run your own business, it’s best that you build the foundations of business knowledge as early as possible to grow a successful management career.

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These are 3 of the most in-demand business specialisations for Bachelor’s level students:

1. Bachelors in International Business - Get a sense of business worldwide

During a Bachelor’s programme in International Business, you will combine courses in business management with courses in sociology, economics and law. You will gain a deep understanding of global affairs and economy and get a clear view of the business environment in various different locations worldwide.

More specifically, you will be able to assess business risks in an emerging market, and examine the role of financial markets from a financial, legal, political and social perspective.

A degree in International Business can help you land jobs in sales, finance and become operations manager, financial manager, etc.

Top locations for a Bachelor’s degree in International Business:

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2. Bachelors in Human Resource Management - Learn how to find the right employees

Business degrees in Human Resource Management (HRM) are mostly dedicated to students who have a clear career goal and want to work in the Human Resource department of any company or institution.

Whether you’re rather attracted to the recruitment or head - hunting part, the consulting services or training and career development, a Bachelor’s degree in HRM will teach you how to contribute and develop the strategy of a company.

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You just have to love to work with and for people and to make sure you keep the balance between employees’ satisfaction and goals of the company as even as possible. If you’re up for this type of challenge, then you’re fit for a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management.

Top locations for a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management:

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3. Bachelors in Marketing - Help your company stand out

Marketing is a super-popular and versatile field of study that attracts students like a magnet. During a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, you will learn about business communication, principles in marketing, management and finance, digital marketing, consumer behaviour and statistics.

What is fascinating about marketing is that it is an ever-changing field that continuously re-invents some of the key aspects and trends, so getting specialised academic training is a must if you want to be fully prepared and start a thriving career in marketing.

A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing opens the doors to lovely and creative jobs in advertising, and sales, and after a few years of experience and preferably a postgraduate degree in marketing as well, you can become a brand manager, communications specialist, etc.

Top locations for a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing:

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A Bachelor’s in Business is the first step for a career in the global marketplace

If you have a mind for business and you’re also good with numbers, getting a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management would be the obvious choice. After completing a Bachelor's degree in Business, you should understand basic marketing techniques, organizational concepts, contracts and negotiations, and other fundamental accounting and finance concepts that drive business decisions.

This knowledge prepares you to pursue a variety of entry-level business careers in fields such as sales and marketing, financial services, economics, management, and more.

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Since today any business operates in an international context, you can be sure you’ve secured the start of a thriving career in the global marketplace.

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