Top 7 Student Cities Where You Can Study a Bachelor's Degree in the UK in 2023 -

Top 7 Student Cities Where You Can Study a Bachelor's Degree in the UK in 2023

The United Kingdom is well-known for its student opportunities, high ranked universities, and that specific British charm.

There are high chances you might also be enchanted by the UK lifestyle, teaching methods, the historic heritage, and the landscape of most of the study destinations. Add to this the international environment that some of these places have, and you will find the UK can give you one of the best study experiences. What's more, many of these cities are great places to explore as a visitor as well. 

The list is based on the QS Rankings, which are based on criteria such as affordability, student mix, desirability, employer activity, and general positions in the universities’ top.

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A few things you should know, before going to study in the U.K.

What makes the UK unique for international students? First of all, a chance to develop your English skills, plenty of events, live concerts, student integration activities, and well paid and various career opportunities after graduation. That’s why, based on our data, the most popular study options, and, afterwards, the best jobs, can be found after you graduate:

So, if these sound great, and after you figure out how to apply to an international university and if you can afford to study in the U.K., then check out the top cities for your abroad experience:

1. London, England 

London, the capital of U.K., is a diverse and active city, with academic and cultural hubs that hold picturesque neighbourhoods, as well as crowded city areas.

The student transport network in London is well-organised, and students can use their university discount cards. Also, employment opportunities are generous, so you won’t have to worry about finding a job.

Actually, the main aspect you need to focus on is turning your knowledge and the skills you gained into practice. Some of the top universities in London you should check out are:

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is the city known as the “Athens of the North”, as well as for its education centre. Around 40% of the local population is comprised of international students, and students from the EU/EEA also have free tuition fees.

The city is both historic and young since it’s also famous for its UNESCO Heritage Site Old Town, as well as some unique festivals, that change the face of Edinburgh. The universities in Edinburgh are some of the finest in the U.K., and some of the top ones are:

UK student cities 2.jpg

3. Manchester, England

The student culture is Manchester’s main advantage, when it comes to the city’s image in the international environment. The city is unique for its tutoring, attention to international students, and the offer of courses that develop strong skills, such as leadership and the focus on sustainability.

Manchester has the second highest economy in England, with a great job market, as well as a lot of entertainment options, cultural and musical exports, and scientific and engineering contributions.

4. Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, is a hotspot for culture, education and research, and commerce. The city’s economy is flourishing, and international students learn this after graduation, when they easily find employment.

Glasgow receives over 50,000 students, who populate the student neighbourhoods and contribute to the vivid atmosphere. Usually, they all flock to the most popular universities, like:

5. Coventry, England 

Coventry is a metropolitan borough with a lot of history, but also a great openness towards modernity. Closely collaborating with 25 other cities throughout the world, Coventry may be less known, but it’s very attractive.

Almost 40% of the students from the city come from abroad and the employers reflect the reputation of its universities.

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6. Nottingham, England 

Nottingham is UK's 23rd most affordable city for students. Located in the centre of the country, Nottingham provides excellent transport connections, making it easy to reach London and other cities in the UK.

With Lord Byron and D.H. Lawrence (writer of ‘Lady Chatterley's Lover’) once inhabitants of the city, Nottingham was named a UNESCO City of Literature. Along with a great literary heritage, today Nottingham also reflects one of UK’s biggest bioscience innovation centre, covering over 50 science-based companies.

Students praise the numerous music events held in Nottingham, and the city also gathers a variety of shops, bars, galleries and parks, literally satisfying all tastes.

7. Birmingham, England

The city of Birmingham first had an industrial focus, but it later became an academic and financial centre. International students have where to choose from, in terms of programmes and reputation, when it comes to Birmingham’s universities. The city has the highest number of research students in the UK, after London.

Culture and nightlife are praised by students and visitors, but the metropolitan borough is also famous for its distinctive Brummie accent and dialect.

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Considering a Bachelor's in the UK? Don't forget about the student visa!

You will probably need a visa to study in the UK. Requirements can be different from one applicant to another, but the most common items include:

  • paying the application and the healthcare fee
  • passport/visa and photo(s)
  • academic transcript
  • proof of English language skills

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the UK's higher education from the comfort of your home, check out some of the universities offering online Bachelors:

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