Top 10 Universities with the Best Campus Life in the USA -

Top 10 Universities with the Best Campus Life in the USA

When you’re searching for a Bachelor’s degree in the United States, you probably can’t wait to meet your future colleagues and get the best of student life in an international environment. And many times, what makes a world’s difference between one university and the next is campus life.

If you ever asked yourself which are the US universities where you can have the most fun on campus, now there’s an answer to your question.

The four years you’ll spend studying for a Bachelor’s degree in the USA should be the ideal mix of fun and top international higher education. Even if college life generally means a lot of incredible experiences, there are some particular universities that rank higher in terms of student fun.

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Universities with the best campus life in the US

According to the Niche 2021 ranking, these are the most entertaining universities and colleges in America:

Niche used multiple factors to create this ranking, including student reviews and statistics from the US Department of Education. Some of the main criteria taken into account are:

  • party scene
  • campus quality
  • sports
  • facilities
  • student life

Learn more about the methodology behind the Niche 2021 ranking.

Other universities in the US with great campus life

If you’re the type of person who fears that once a place becomes too popular, it’s ruined, you should check out the less-known rising stars of campus life in the US. 

These are places with great on-campus facilities, as well as very lively student activities. So, you’d better look into some of them before the word spreads, and everybody wants a campus place there:

Fun on campus 1.jpg

What to expect from a great campus life experience at US universities?

Many university campuses include basic facilities that are meant to entertain and offer you as many options as possible. So, before you plan your free time on campus, you should know what to expect from your American university.

The first things you think of when you hear of a university campus are the accommodation and learning and research facilities. But these aspects are more about your future academic experience. The fun elements you have to check are:

  • Event halls where you will enjoy student performances, cultural experiences, movies, and even annual fests. 
  • Cafes and pubs are common meeting places on campuses. Ideally, they are lively and affordable.
  • Athletics fields and gyms. Sport is important for students, and universities know it. Students can practice their favourite sport without leaving the campus and can participate in local championships and other sports-related events.
  • Shopping areas. On campus, students find shops with souvenirs, university-personalized products, and even clothes or magazines. Essential for when you need to urgently replace your stockings.
  • Student unions, sororities and fraternities. Students get to make new friendships, some of which will last a lifetime. 

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Student life is an unforgettable period of your life, especially if you study abroad. Start searching for a US university and remember to check out its campus. You’ll spend half of your time on campus and make most of your student life memories there.

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