The IUBH is one of Germany's leading private Universities of Applied Sciences. With our IUBH Campus Studies we prepare students for international careers in business and management at our three campus locations: Bad Honnef, Berlin and Ireland.

Top reasons to study here

  • International focus - the heart of the IUBH is its uncompromising international focus.
  • Global career - the IUBH offers ideal preparation for the global job market.
  • Practical approach - our professors and lecturers attach great importance to a close link between theory and practice.

Bachelor's programmes

Business & Management (5)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (4)
Social Sciences (2)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (1)



The IUBH in Bad Honnef was founded in 1998.


Our programmes focus on management. At the bachelor level we offer Aviation, Event, International, Hospitality, as well as Tourism Management and Marketing Management. At the master level we provide International Management with various specialisations, Transport & Logistics Management as well as a MBA in International Business.


Our Career Office team provides assistance in finding an internship, and maintains contact with top-level companies in all areas in which students carry out internships, e.g. hotels, resorts, clubs, tour operators, trade fair and congress centers, event and marketing companies, airports and airlines, carriers, transport businesses and other service providers. 


Student services

The International Office is the first point of contact, both inbound and outbound, for all matters related to our international partner university network.

We seek to assist outbound IUBH students by informing about options and requirements for studies abroad and are also closely involved in guiding and welcoming inbound international and exchange students.

In order to do this we maintain and manage the existing partnerships with our colleagues at our international partner universities, but are also first contacts for educational institutions abroad wishing to discuss the possibility of partnership agreements or cooperations with IUBH.

Housing services

Our students in Bad Honnef can live directly on the campus – in renovated and fully furnished apartments:

  • campus study – friends and fellow students in your immediate vicinity
  • the library is just round the corner
  • privacy within your own four walls, but with friends next door
  • right in the centre of all campus events
  • Bad Honnef's town centre is within two minutes walking distance
  • internet access within your own room or apartment, as well as cable or satellite TV

Library services

The library catalogue is available on-campus and also off-campus, and offers access to extensive research databases.

ICT services

On our campuses, students can access the university's Intranet as well as the Internet through WLAN. The library catalogue is available on-campus and also off-campus, and offers access to extensive research databases.

Student Life

Campus life

  • Bad Honnef - Study next to wine vineyards and the Rhine River: The campus on the historic St. Anno Park in the Siebengebirge is absolutely idyllic.
  • Berlin - Study in the capital: This metropolis in Europe, with its extensive start-up scene and profile of international companies, offers the best basis for your career.
  • Dublin - Dublin, the lively capital of Ireland, is multicultural and a very popular destination for tourists, students and business.
  • Killarney - A spectacular natural landscape, historical buildings and the famous Irish lifestyle - Killarney has many different facets.


The IUBH Campus Studies regularly receives top grades in university rankings. Recognized partners and memberships guarantee the top quality of the university and our programmes.

Student Reviews

Somehow Disappointing
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars
I expected so much out of my University experience, maybe that also ruined it a bit for me. I had a lot of fun at times, don't get me wrong.However, I also felt alone and frustrated, something I had never felt before. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that I was away from my family and old friends, in a completely new country. But I think I would place most of the blame on my University, the p...
IUBH is great
René Scholz rated 4 out of 5 stars
The study materials are great also the Tutors. It is perfect.
Examination is done over 2 weeks in in the end of the semest...
Anonymous rated 1 out of 5 stars
Examination is done over 2 weeks in in the end of the semester. All exams are essay and very restricted on time. Lectures and in 15-20 person groups, but are lectures with very limited interaction between student/professor