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Finance degrees teach students about management of funds, usually money, and studies all the stages of acquiring and allocating resources which are needed for capital investments. The main aim of finance is learning how to use all the assets in order to optimize financial resources toward the objectives of an organization or individual.

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The U.S. is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world. It has an internationally renowned education system, and offers a huge variety of English-language courses and speciality degrees.

986 Finance Bachelor's degrees in United States

Preparation Course Semester at CSUN

The Semester at CSUN (SAC) is a study-abroad program offered by California State University Northridge that enables international students who meet CSUN's English-language proficiency requirements to enroll in undergraduate credit classes at the university for up to two semesters.

B.Sc. Accounting

In a world based on ones and zeros, dollars and cents—it’s critical that someone’s there to keep track of it all. At Keuka College, Accounting is more than just learning to crunch numbers and track the bottom line.

B.Sc. Finance

A Finance degree from KU will prepare you to work in a variety of fields, including corporate finance, investment banking, commercial banking, asset management, real estate and personal financial planning. 

B.Sc. Financial Services

A Financial Services degree at Wright State University will give you the analytical skills needed to deliver advice and financial products to individuals and institutions. Our curriculum gives you a strong foundation in all aspects of personal financial management and is designed to meet the growing need for graduates who are knowledgeable in all relevant areas.

B.A. Finance (C)

The Finance (C) program offered by Rider University was designed to meet the needs of students who have a variety of career goals. In many types of jobs, it is essential that to understand the process of financial decision making and the environment in which those decisions take place.

B.Sc. Financial Services

Financial service professionals, working through commercial banks, trust companies, multi-line insurance companies, credit unions, stock brokerage firms, regulatory agencies and other organizations help customers successfully allocate and manage their financial resources with the help of the Financial Services programme at the Maryville University.

B.Sc. Finance

The Finance program offered by the Louisiana State University studies of how individuals, businesses, and organizations acquire and use money. 

E. J. Ourso College of Business
B.B.A. Finance

As a student in the Finance Program at James Madison University, you’ll develop an understanding of the functions of commerce and the role of finance and business law. You’ll be prepared for decision-making roles in an increasingly technological and global environment when you choose to major in finance (FIN) or quantitative finance (QFIN). 

B.Sc. Accounting

Karen Tabak, professor of Accounting and Management at Maryville University says the field of accounting is much more than calculations. It’s about challenging the numbers, challenging the systems and to continually ask questions. If the idea sounds appealing, consider Maryville.

B.Sc. Accounting

If you're detail-oriented, like working with numbers and enjoy structure-based problems, you're an ideal candidate for the Accounting program at the Southern New Hampshire University.

B.Sc. Management

Do you want to learn the art and science of leadership? Are you interested in a versatile degree that can take you just about anywhere? As a Management student at Keuka College, you’ll learn how to lead teams, motivate others, use financial resources effectively, and structure processes to achieve your goals in the marketplace.

Preparation Course Finance

Students will learn how money is raised and invested, how to manage a company's financial resources, and gain an understanding of capital markets, corporate finance, investments and financial institutions.

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B.Sc. Finance

The Finance curriculum studies the principles of financial analysis and control of individual business firms. It applies the principles to financial management, the valuation and selection of securities, and the influence of the monetary and banking system on economic activity. This program is offered by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

B.Sc. Finance

The Finance major from Wright State University includes a core of courses that covers all aspects of the theory and practice of financial management. Financial management involves managing the financial affairs of businesses and other organizations. 

BSB General Business

The B.S. in General Business at Wright State University incorporates a select set of junior and senior level courses from all major areas in Business that will provide students with an arsenal of knowledge in multiple functional areas of Business.

BA/BS Finance

You’ll be ready to conquer the future with a Finance degree from Wingate University. Do you hope to own a business? Do you dream of success on Wall Street? Do you intend to make sound investments Our Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science Finance degree equips you to do this and more.

Preparation Course Finance

The Finance pathway program is designed to support international students in the first year of an undergraduate degree.

Lipscomb University International Study Center
B.B.A. Finance

Students in the Finance program offered by University of Toledo receive a broad, in-depth education in financial institutions, financial markets, security analysis and investments. 

Bachelor Finance (CCS)

The Finance (CCS) program offered by Rider University  was designed to meet the needs of students who have a variety of career goals. In many types of jobs, it is essential that to understand the process of financial decision making and the environment in which those decisions take place.

B.Sc. Quantitative Finance

The Quantitative Finance program offered by the James Madison University is designed to prepare students for careers in financial engineering, structured finance, financial modeling, securitization, actuarial science, financial analysis and portfolio management. 

Bachelor Financial Economics

The Financial Economics major and minor provide foundational knowledge for students interested in careers in financial services or, when combined with additional preparation in mathematics, for graduate study in finance. 

B.B.A. Finance

Our program is designed for students from a wide variety of backgrounds including the liberal arts, sciences, education, law, business and other fields.

Anderson School of Management
B.B.A. Finance

The Finance major offered by Baylor University is the study of the decision-making process involved in managing and acquiring assets to create a profit. It is a pre-major.  

B.Sc. Accounting - Finance

The undergraduate Accounting - Finance major, delivered by the Southern New Hampshire University offers you the coursework you need to qualify for careers in the accounting or finance professions. The degree prepares you for meaningful employment in accounting, banking, corporate finance, insurance, investments and personal finance.

B.Sc. Finance

In the Finance major at the University of Kentucky, you will learn how to make the most of financial markets, raise capital, and assess risks and rewards.

Business and Economics
Bachelor Finance

If you’re looking at receiving a  finance undergraduate degree in Ohio, take a closer look at the University of Mount Union. Our exceptional experience offers everything from personal attention and hands-on experience to state-of-the-art facilities and a well-rounded curriculum.

Bachelor Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management involves job design, employee recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, compensation, training, career management and health and labor relations.

B.Sc. Finance

The Finance program at the Saint Francis University Shields School of Business prepares students for careers in Finance such as banking, investment analysts, financial planning, real estate, and portfolio management.

B.Sc. Accountancy

As an Accountancy student at KU, you will prepare to work in fields including industry, nonprofit, government, higher education or public accounting.

B.Sc. Business Administration

A Southern New Hampshire University Business Administration major can lead to a world of career opportunities in today's dynamic business environment. Manage a retail store or corporate office. Lead a nonprofit agency or healthcare organization. Oversee a government agency or manufacturing firm. Run your own company or a franchise. The possibilities are endless.

B.B.A. Finance

The Finance program offered by the Lipscomb University will deliver the foundation you’ll need to thrive in a financial services or management field.

B.A. Finance

The Finance program offered by the Mercyhurst University prepares you for an in-demand career that could lead you to a position at a bank, credit union, insurance company, brokerage firm, law firm or credit counseling agency. 

B.B.A. Business Administration - Finance

Business Administration - Finance focuses on these decisions both at the firm (corporate finance) and individual (investments) levels while combining and extending theory and tools from Accounting, Economics, and Math into the practice of financial decision making.

Bachelor Economics

Economics is the study of how people establish social arrangements for producing and distributing goods and services to sustain and enhance human life. Its main goals are both to understand these arrangements and to improve them, seeking the best possible allocation of our scarce resources.

B.Sc. Business Administration

The Business Administration programme offered by Colorado State University prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed to become effective leaders and decision makers in today’s dynamic business environment.

Bachelor Finance

Finance deals with the raising, use, and investment of money or capital by individuals or businesses around the globe. Graduates from this field are valuable in all areas of business, financial institutions, and investment groups. The Finance program is offered by Washington State University.

B.Sc. Finance

Our Finance degree is about more than crunching numbers and spreadsheets. You’ll get practical experience that will lead to a rewarding career with brokerages and investment advisory firms, banks, insurance companies, manufacturing and service organizations.

Bachelor Economics

The Economics programme offered by Colorado State University provides a framework for understanding economic issues, analyzing and predicting the likely effects of economic behavior and government policies, and formulating efficient and equitable solutions to pressing economic problems.

B.Sc. Finance

The Bachelor of Science in Finance prepares you for a diverse career in all aspects of global financial management. Specialized courses cover corporate financial management, management investment and stock portfolios, banking, investment banking, and the management of financial institutions.

BA/BS Economics (Financial - General)

Our Bachelor of Science Economics (Financial - General) degree focuses on the technical and integrates business administration courses into the curriculum. The Bachelor of Arts Economics (Financial - General) degree will make you a well-rounded analyst ready for graduate school.

Bachelor Finance

The Finance program is offered by the Western New England University. Finance is a fast-paced world with numerous avenues through which to build a dynamic and rewarding career. Financial managers work in financial markets, financial institutions, and within corporations and organizations. 

B.Sc. Economics and Finance

Economics and Finance is where business, applied mathematics, and human behavior meet.Studying it requires not only an analytical mind, but also curiosity about contemporary events and society as a whole.

B.Sc. Financial Planning

Finances can be confusing. Add in complicated financial products, government regulations and 78 million retiring Baby Boomers, and you’ll understand why qualified financial planning jobs are expected to increase faster than the national average.

Bachelor Business Administration - Economics, Finance, and Real Estate

The Department of Economics, Finance, and Real Estate offers a variety of undergraduate concentrations for business administration students. Whether you plan to go into banking, stockbroking, financial planning, or any number of areas, you'll receive a contemporary business education—combined with a strong foundation in the liberal arts—that will help you meet your goals.

B.Sc. Actuarial Mathematics

At Bryant University, the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Actuarial Mathematics focuses on the study of mathematics and statistics to give you a range of skills and broad knowledge to design and manage programs that control risks. Coursework builds strong analytical skills, business knowledge, and an understanding of human behavior.

B.Sc. Finance

The program in finance provides students with solid theoretical and practical knowledge of domestic and international finance in the areas of corporate finance, financial derivatives, investments, portfolio management, financial markets, and institutions.

B.Sc. Finance

Finance focuses on all aspects of money management, such as investment, collection, disbursement, borrowing, and fund-raising. These individuals prepare financial reports needed to conduct operations and to satisfy tax and regulatory requirements. 

Newark College of Arts and Sciences
B.Sc. Finance

The finance program at the Reiman School of Finance teaches you not only how to use your financial acumen and leadership skills to respond to immediate challenges, but also how to anticipate changes and adapt to them.

B.Sc. Business Administration - Banking and Finance

As an expert in the art and science of managing money, you’ll be qualified for countless career opportunities in the financial world. Our students learn to develop innovative solutions that help companies and individuals manage wealth, adapt to changes in the market and meet financial goals. This concentration will get you ready for the diverse landscape of the banking industry.

Pre-Bachelor University Preparation - Business and Finance (for Accounting, Business Administration, Finance)

The University Preparation – Business and Finance (for Accounting, Business Administration, Finance) program is a comprehensive, in-depth course designed to help you succeed in the U.S. university classroom, offered by Jefferson (Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University).

Bridge Pathways at Jefferson (Philadelphia University and Thomas Jefferson University)