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Finance degrees teach students about management of funds, usually money, and studies all the stages of acquiring and allocating resources which are needed for capital investments. The main aim of finance is learning how to use all the assets in order to optimize financial resources toward the objectives of an organization or individual.

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Studying in Spain

At Spanish universities, you’ll experience a friendly and laid-back atmosphere full of international students coming from all over the world. Although lectures are pretty formal, seminars and lab work are more relaxed, allowing students to freely discuss with professors and ask them questions regarding their course materials.

5 Finance Bachelor's degrees in Spain

BF International Finance

This International Finance program at Geneva Business School - Barcelona Campus is designed for students who are keen to start a career in a wide variety of finance-related careers, including investment banking, hedge fund management, stock markets, banking and portfolio management. 

B.Sc. Finance and Accounting

The degree in Finance and Accounting aims to train professionals who will follow a career in the areas of investment analysis and management, banking, auditing, management and financial consulting and also provide a base for those wishing to do postgraduate studies in this field.

Social Sciences and Law
Bachelor Finance and Accounting

The Degree in Finance and Accounting is a new degree offered by the University of Valencia in response to the needs generated by the recent changes in present-day economy and businesses.

Bachelor Finance Management

The lectures are intended to explain the theory of the subject, explain the basics of the practice and solve some practical examples on the blackboard. It will be used as a support tool a video projector. The Finance Management programme is offered at Universidad de Jaén.