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The Daughters for Life Foundation was established in memory of Bessan, Mayar, and Aya, and their love of life and learning as well as their hopes and dreams for a better educated world.


Scholarship type

Need based

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Scholarship coverage

  • tuition fee reduction
  • accommodation
  • living expenses
  • travel expenses
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The Daughters for Life Foundation is committed to building a future in the Middle East, defined by women’s empowerment across the region. We fundamentally believe in the transformative power of education and that it is the key to transcending hardship, allowing every woman to achieve her dreams by tapping into her unique potential. Women have always been agents of change and community building, and with the chance to study, they are able to become industry leaders, innovators and invaluable professionals who help brighten the horizons of their communities.

For over a decade, we’ve offered a scholarship program with the goal of meaningfully investing in the post-secondary education of Middle Eastern women.

Applicable programmes


Their fully-funded scholarships are open to every level of post-secondary study, including undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies.

In line with their core value of recognizing the importance of individuality, DFL does not impose program choice restrictions on applicants, but some of their academic partners are limited in their program offerings from year to year. The scope of their scholarships is broad and includes expense coverage of tuition, residence, food and air travel.



You are eligible to apply for the DFL Scholarship Program if all of the below applies to you:

  • You are a female student.
  • You are a resident and citizen of the following Middle Eastern countries:
    • Palestine
    • Israel
    • Egypt
    • Jordan
    • Syria
    • Lebanon
    • Iraq
    • Morocco
  • You are in financial need.
  • You are committed to returning to your home country once your studies are completed.

Scholarship requirements




2 countries


8 nationalities

Study experience required

High school




Application deadline

Not specified

If you meet the above criteria, take these steps to apply to the DFL Scholarship Program:

Complete the DFL Scholarship Program Application form, including the Financial Needs Analysis section.

Attach the Supporting Documents to the form

Submit two references:

One academic reference;

One community reference.

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